Yearly Archives: 2011

Christmas is coming… the goose is getting fat!

Or maybe that’s me come the end of the year! Yes, can you believe it, it’s that time of year again?! It doesn’t seem two minutes ago we were ringing in 2011. Now we have less than a month to go and we’ll be in 2012. Then I’ll be 30 in February! Shocking, isn’t it?! I’ve had this blog going a little while now and I felt like it needed a change. I wanted it

New Boudoir Photos In…

At the beginning of this month I had a boudoir shoot with Madame Boudoir. The shoot went fantastically well and I felt an instant rapport with photographer Kim Nicholls. After looking through the all images and deciding which were my favourites, today I received the final set. I’m blown away by how amazing they look. Looking at the pictures you wouldn’t think I was feeling quite unwell that day which I hope shows the dedication

From Head to Toe You Gotta Glow!

Being a great model takes preparation. It isn’t all about sitting looking pretty for a few hours! Research, planning and practice aside, good grooming is where it’s at. Without a well maintained base canvas it’s very difficult to paint a pretty picture. I’m good with these analogies! 😀 Prepping your body to be the best shape for a photoshoot is something I can’t stress more about. If we don’t keep fit and eat relatively healthily

Just a bit of an update

I thought I’d do a bit of an update, maybe have a little ramble! This past week I’ve not felt my overall best of health so I’ve been concentrating on other areas to keep things ticking over in the meantime. This week I finished my contributing role to home and lifestyle magazine, Style at Home. I was asked to be a guest on the reader panel where I was given free reign to share my

Beautiful Boudoir

This weekend I had a fantastic shoot with Kim Nicholls, the talent behind Farsely, Leeds based ‘Madame Boudoir’; a fresh photography concept in helping women (and men!) love the bodies they’re in. When I came across Kim’s relatively new business arm I was excited, honestly really excited. I find that boudoir is a genre that is commonly misunderstood and it frustrates me when I see images which are supposedly boudoir but look more ‘glamour’. There’s

Pin Up Mermaid

What did I tell you about the weather? It’s hard to believe it was only last Saturday that I was on the beach in my smalls (and less than smalls) when the hot spell came for one last belter. The day after it was like the heat and sunshine hadn’t existed. I was assisting Sean J Connolly on his fashion editorial shoot on the Newcastle Quayside and it was raining and windy like Autumn felt

Indian Summer

It’s the 1st of October today and quite unseasonably we’re enjoying a bout of gorgeous warm weather – the summer we never got has descended with a vengeance despite the trees shedding their leaves and acorns. What wonderful stuff! I’m sure I’ll be wearing a winter coat come a week’s time so I’m making the most of it. I hope you are too! Tomorrow (technically today; it’s gone 1am) I am having a shoot I

Gothic shoot

It’s just past 2am on the morning of Friday and I’ve been busy this evening (now gone!) editing a little video I had made on a shoot I did today. I wanted to show you just what I get up to on my shoots and how much I love what I do. Today’s shoot was with the inspiring Daglish Photography and I modelled some stunning tassel and pasty creations by the fabulous Intimate Jewellery Designs.