Monthly Archives: July 2011

Voting Time

I’ve just updated my main image which you probably noticed! It’s my new favourite image taken recently by Sean J Connolly Photography. We found this immense field of striking poppies we just had to use it as the perfect picture frame. I’ve seen the odd scattering of poppies in fields but never as many as this one. I think the way the shot was taken and the edit truly makes this a beautiful image. Now,

In the Press!

Yesterday one of my Facebook followers shared a link with me, asking whether it was indeed myself in one of the images on the aforementioned link’s site. I checked out the link and needless to say it is me! The shot was taken by Chris Rout on a lifestyle stock shoot we did, when I worked with my other half, Sean Connolly. It was immensely fun at the time because we had to portray different

Moving on and thinking the picture

I thought it was about time I updated my friends online now that we’ve moved house and finally got somewhat settled! The boxes have been long unpacked but I’m ashamed to say there’s few pictures on the walls – not exactly a homely look. Before moving I’d bought some gorgeous picture frames which I’m still yet to fill. It’s so difficult deciding what photos to immortalise, especially when you open up iPhoto and you realise