Monthly Archives: October 2011

Pin Up Mermaid

What did I tell you about the weather? It’s hard to believe it was only last Saturday that I was on the beach in my smalls (and less than smalls) when the hot spell came for one last belter. The day after it was like the heat and sunshine hadn’t existed. I was assisting Sean J Connolly on his fashion editorial shoot on the Newcastle Quayside and it was raining and windy like Autumn felt

Indian Summer

It’s the 1st of October today and quite unseasonably we’re enjoying a bout of gorgeous warm weather – the summer we never got has descended with a vengeance despite the trees shedding their leaves and acorns. What wonderful stuff! I’m sure I’ll be wearing a winter coat come a week’s time so I’m making the most of it. I hope you are too! Tomorrow (technically today; it’s gone 1am) I am having a shoot I