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Happy National Cleavage Day!

Today is the 10th anniversary of National Cleavage Day so be sure to celebrate womanhood in style and push up those boobies!  With the unbelievably gorgeous weather we’ve had all week it’s been hard not to wear something pretty revealing so a fabulous bra that gives you a great rack is what’s needed. National Cleavage Day is the birth child of Wonderbra which was dreamt up in 2002.  Wonderbra are renowned for their fantastic boob

Lingerie Review | Freya Ashlee

At the beginning of the month I spoke about some of my favourite new bras of the season.  Spring arrives and it makes you want to overhaul your dank winter wardrobe with some really fresh and pretty clothing, and your lingerie is no exception. I love my lingerie to be colourful at the best of times anyway.  Beyond the need for white and black bras, and maybe a nude one for conspicuous clothing, I don’t

Madame Boudoir Gorgeousness

It was great to see a recent update to the website of Madame Boudoir who I had a fantastic shoot with late last year.  It’s a privilege to see that some of the images produced from that day have been used within the site, including the main home page. Madame Boudoir who are based between Leeds and Bradford are a photography company I can honestly highly recommend.  Principle photographer Kim Nicholls is a dab hand

The MisEducation of Bra Sizes

My last post regarding the Curvy Kate competition, Star in a Bra, was well received.  Well, maybe not as positively as some people may have liked it, but it certainly hit some nerves.  That wasn’t exactly my intention but I definitely wanted people to sit up and listen.  I do think that my comments were misconstrued and that quite a few people missed my point.  I think I need to clarify. I have been battling

Curvy Kate’s Star in a Bra – My Thoughts

I had a dream last night that I was looking at the top 30 selected girls for the Curvy Kate competition, Star in a Bra, and vividly saw myself in the line up but needless to say in reality I didn’t make it.  Today they made the list of potential model wannabes live on their Facebook application and I was gutted I wasn’t there, although part of me wasn’t too surprised (just very disappointed). The

Big Beautiful Bras for Sale!

I have a confession to make.  I am a bra-o-holic.  I am addicted to buying lingerie and have a buying online obsession. Sometimes buying online brings its own dangers, and not just of the plastic fantastic kind.  My debit card and Paypal account is pretty adept to abuse but my boobs aren’t.  I have LOTS of bras I need to get rid off. So here it is, the big ‘eBay Sale’ plug!  By result of

Professional Bra Fitting – How Not To Do It

I was asked to be professionally fitted for some reviews I’ll be doing shortly so I know the exact size/s I’ll need. I’ve been wearing 32F bras for a long time and only recently switched to wearing a couple of 30G bras, although I’ve been sceptical that even this was right. The last time I was fitted was by M&S in Darlington when they said I’m a 32G but I decided later that same day

That time of year again… Curvy Kate Star in a Bra 2012!

It’s Spring and it’s March and that can mean only one thing:  Curvy Kate is back with their annual Star in a Bra competition for 2012! Curvy Kate is a relatively new brand to the lingerie market having only been on the scene for a few years but their impact has been phenomenal.  For a long time women who need larger sized bras have been crying out for a new direction and Curvy Kate’s bi-annual