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Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations in Lingerie

There’s no mistaking it, 2012 is an exciting year for the UK where festivities are already underway for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee this weekend and with the Olympic torch already being relayed through the country ahead of the London 2012 games this summer.  This year is definitely the time to feel proudly patriotic, and whilst we decorate our homes and streets with bunting and flags, companies are also joining in the British spirit, including some

Shoot – Summer Ethereal

Over the past week we’ve been treated to some gloriously tropical weather.  With temperatures soaring high in the mid twenties celcius, it’s been an early Summer tease and I’ve been enthusiastically enjoying the sun and it’s heat.  After the very cold spell we’d been braving earlier, it seemed an appropriate time to seize the opportunity of a photoshoot.  With Sean J Connolly geared up and raring to go, out we drove into the beating sun.

Plunge Bras For The Larger Bust

Plunge bras are not just for smaller busts wanting that ‘hello boys’ effect.  Despite larger cup bras not being the easiest to buy, there is a variety of styles out there which means you’re not limited to balconettes. As my boobs continued to develop through my twenties I ended up believing that the only style I could wear was a balconette; a design that many larger cupped bras are produced in because of their flattering

I Love Corsets!

I started my Becky’s Boudoir blog because of my modelling and the desire to share my work and inspirations.  One of my favourite styles is boudoir, the whole deliciously feminine ethos with beautiful settings, accessories and lingerie.  What I love to wear most is corsets and I hadn’t realised how little I’d spoken of my soft spot for these divine pieces of industrial strength sexiness.  So here’s a post dedicated to the wonderful corset. I’ve

The Bra Band Project – the big 30 and under campaign

Since I started blogging more about bras and my experiences with fittings, I had my eyes opened.   A world of smaller band sizes I never knew existed, and since being properly fitted as a 28-30 GG-H,  sizes I now needed myself.  Trying to find a bra in a properly fitting size is harder than you’d think when the sizes you need are barely stocked on the high street or as is the case for

Correct Bra Fitting – What You Need To Know

Bras have been the bane of my life.  Ever since my first teenage bra I’ve never been truly happy with what I’ve worn, believing that the misfortunes I endured were normal.  Then came the day when I discovered I was doing it all wrong.  We were all doing it wrong.  The problem is, the industry that makes our bras marketable doesn’t know it. Being a lingerie lover and model I witness both sides of the

Freya Jolie – Beauty is Everything!

Freya’s Jolie is one of their best selling collections but it took me a while to take the plunge and try it out.  I’ve never been a huge fan of lace lingerie because I tend to find a lot of lace fabrics quite irritating, and looking at Jolie from a distance I assumed it to be another one of those.  When I recently decided to take a chance I was really glad I did, because

Panache Sport Bra v Freya Active

I was chuffed to recently win a fab Panache Sport bra.  Winning something is always nice and it’s all the sweeter when it’s underwear related! Panache Sport Moulded Underwired Bra I’d recently reviewed a bra from the Freya Active range so it was interesting to see how these would compare.  My Freya bra is an unpadded underwired (30GG) whereas the Panache bra is a moulded underwired (28H).  I have tried out Freya’s moulded version before