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Gossard Glossies – The Big Cup Come Back

Bra giants Gossard recently relaunched their 90s popular Glossies bra range but with a more modern and sophisticated attitude to bring them into the 21st century some sixteen years later. Having hit the headlines in 1996 with their controversial ad when Sophie Anderton was the face of the brand’s sexy sheer bra, writhing alluringly amidst long grasses wearing nothing but a Glossies bra and brief, the new collection brazenly declared ‘Who said a woman can’t

What Makes Me, Me

Earlier this week Freya Lingerie announced that I was in the final for their Blog Star 2 competition – which is fantastic!  As blogging and lingerie combined make a very happy Becky, I’ve been asking everyone I know to kindly vote for me.  I know there are never enough hours in the day so I truly appreciate every one who takes the time out to vote for me. When Freya asked me to write a

RANT: What Not To Do On A Photo Shoot

Today I wanted to talk about what not to do on a photo shoot.  The answer’s simple.  Don’t cancel it! In the time I’ve been modelling I’ve never in my life had a photo shoot cancelled when I’m stood on set of the location.  Well, everything happens for a first time and that decided to be today. I had a photographer contact me after seeing my online portfolio on a subscription web site, interested in

Freya Blog Star – I’m in the Final!

Eeek!  Yesterday I received the exciting news that I’ve been selected as a finalist for the competition, Blog Star 2, by big bra brand Freya.  I’m in the running with three other lovely ladies to win the place in Freya’s blog team on the website.  It’s such an incredible opportunity, and being a lingerie addict and huge fan of Freya I would be so proud to win and would relish the job to bits.  To

Glamorous Countryside Fashion – New Photos!

I was so pleased to wake up to the sun shining today because it meant brilliant weather for an outdoor summery shoot.  Yes, you heard right, after all the heavy rain and Autumnal like weather here in the UK, the sun finally realised it should be shining in July.  Blink and you’ll miss it though, which is why when the weather’s great you seize it with both hands.  My marvellously photographically talented – and very

Start at the Foundation – Make up and Lingerie

Foundation is at the heart of every good make up bag.  We strive for the best shade match and perfect coverage to smooth and correct our skin so we can then build up on with whatever look we want to achieve for the day.  Sultry vamp or English rose, once we’ve applied the best foundation the make up world is our oyster. Cute Cath Kidston Cosmetic Bag In recent years the beauty industry has let

Lingerie & Stockings Shoot

Occasionally photographers ask if I can shoot from home.  It’s a fairly common practice for stock photography shoots or portfolio work.  It also saves on costs for studio rental and some times a real home can look more 3D compared to a fake set.  I quite like modelling in my own home too because I have everything I need where I know where it is and it’s much easier in that respect. I recently worked

Panache Tango – The Enigma Solved!

Last month I wrote about my recent misfortune getting Panache’s best selling bra, the Tango, to fit me.  I’d tried a few different sizes and styles in the Tango and the Tango Classic, yet not managed to settle on the right size.  (Read about it here.)  I thought Tango had beaten me, but the friendly folk over at Panache came to my aid to help me finally get to the bottom of the sizing saga.