Monthly Archives: September 2012

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast cancer affects so many people and it’s a sad fact that even in this technologically advanced age we are yet to find a cure.  Thankfully there are really good charities that are working tirelessly to make cancer a disease of the past, and breast cancer charities in particular are offering amazing support to sufferers and their families who are facing the reality of what the disease means and how it will affect their lives.

Hello Autumn! Cute Cake Tins for Winter Baking

Autumn has officially landed this weekend and I’ve been thinking nothing less of getting the house all snug and attractive for the forthcoming months of Winter.  Christmas is never far from my mind either, I’m afraid to say, even though we’re still only in September.  But if you’re really into Christmas like me and a religious festive baker, you’ll know that it’s around now that you should be baking your Christmas cake for optimum yumminess!

Goodbye Summer – Final 3 of 3 Swimwear

I’ve been meaning on completing my swimwear posts for what’s felt like ages and with autumn literally around the corner now (officially this weekend!), I decided it’s now or never!  Summer never really happened, did it?  I’d made it to the beach earlier on in the summer with the expectation of returning with the next sets of swimwear, but the weather decided to take a turn for the worst and never really returned.  So huge apologies

CT Magazine and Rabbit Awareness Week!

Last weekend saw the launch of brand new online fashion publication, CT magazine.  My fiance, Sean, is the brains behind the whole project, being a photographer himself and also a respected business analyst.  He wanted to revolutionise the way magazines credit the contributors, or rather the lack of.  It’s typical for a fashion spread to have the names of the photographer and stylist splashed over the main feature with no thought to crediting everyone else

Next Home Haul

I love reading blogs finding out what other people have been buying.  It’s a great way to discover what goodies are out in the shops to buy and the trends people are picking up on.  I love the feeling when I’ve found something I think is a fantastic find so I thought I’d extend my retail pleasure and share my recent purchases with you! I’ve been lusting after so many Next pieces since they first

AW Freya Deco Hatty – More for the 28s!

Earlier in the summer Freya finally released the infamous Deco in a 28 back, much to the delight of many, myself included.  My first foray into the Deco family began with the pretty sorbet pink Ashlee, when as much as I adored it, I knew I needed a 28 back.  Being able to get my hands on a 28GG Deco has been a godsend, so if you’re smaller backed and you’ve not yet experienced the

Skintone Bras – The Essential Nude

Colourful bras are all well and good but sometimes you don’t want your bra to steal your fashion limelight.  Whether wearing a little black dress or your favourite simple white tee, it’s nice to have a bra on standby that’ll disappear beneath your clothing. Skintone bras in nude shades are an essential option for many bra wearers of all bust sizes and many brands offer a multitude of additional benefits such as multiway, strapless and

Fruitful Autumn – Bountiful Bras

Coming to the end of summertime can be saddening; bidding farewell to long days in the sun and tucking away bare legs until next year.  But thinking ahead of what the next season will bring us, thoughts turn to brisk walks, crunchy and colourful leaves beneath foot and wild fruits ripe for foraging.  Autumn is rich and full of life despite the darkening days and the lingerie calendar forecasts some beautiful offerings this year. I