Monthly Archives: October 2012

New Changes

You may have noticed the blog’s changed since you last visited.  I very much hope it’s easier on the eye and a lot easier to navigate to posts that interest you.  I was concerned the last blog design began to look a bit messy and possibly difficult to find posts.  Do let me know if there’s anything you do or don’t particularly like about the change. I’ve added a bar along the top to make

My Celebrity Slimmer Rabbit Bobby

My rabbit’s slimming journey ended this week with the announcement of the PDSA Pet Fit Club winners.  If it wasn’t being spoken about on Twitter and Facebook, tv programmes were covering the story.  As I’d expected, a dog had been crowned the overall winner but it was fantastic news to hear that our very own Bobby had made 2nd place alongside a cat and a dog, being granted the status of Highly Commended.  I’ve been

Invitation Tea Towels – The Original Wedding Tea Towel

Getting married has been at the forefront of my mind for quite a while.  Thirteen years to be precise!  In 1999 my fiance, Sean, and I met and became engaged to eachother.  At first we’d hoped to tie the knot within the following few years but planning fell behind normal life and 2002 swiftly became 2012.  So here we are, still with every intention to marry though yet to plan the affairs.I consider myself someone

Androgyny vs. Girly Trend – My View

This post is actually my entry into Next’s current Guest Blogger Competition which they announced on their blog.  The winning blogger will be the lucky recipient of one £150 outfit every month for three months and also win the incredible chance to star on Next’s very own blog.  To enter you have a choice of 3 questions to answer within a blog post and I was naturally drawn to the topic called ‘Androgyny vs. Girly