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Sodacoda Shapewear for Butts

Until recently, I’d never considered shapewear before.  Padded bras with push up effects were as far as I’d been close to and anything in the territory of slimming girdles would be obnoxiously overboard.  So when online lingerie and shapewear retailer, Sodacoda, contacted me recently, my mind was open although a little apprehensive about something I felt didn’t affect me.Sodacoda sell many recognisable brands but also produce their own lines, including the shapewear items.  I particularly

Christmas Decorations – Vintage & Homemade

I am hugely excited that there’s less than a week left of November because it means very soon our Christmas tree and home decorations will be going up!  I have a nostalgic love of all things Christmas, and this year I’m really into the homespun and bygone era look, channeling that ‘make do and mend’ mantra and the colour pops of the 50s. Image – Cath Kidston What I covet most about Christmas is tradition and

My Curves and Me & Cleo Meg

There’s one rule I fastidiously live by and it’s always be a bargain hunter.  I’m thankful for growing up in a household which meant our family had to watch the pennies because it taught me to be thrifty and wise with my cash.  I hate to pay the RRP on anything and always hunt high and low for the best price on the smallest of things.  This explains why it makes me so happy when

Panache Bra Fit & Masquerade Persia Review

Panache are a god send to many D+ bra wearers.  With the Superbra, Cleo and Masquerade lingerie lines catering for varying tastes and budgets, not forgetting Panache Swimwear, it wouldn’t be uncommon for most busty girls to own at least one Panache brand bra.  Whether we’re wearing the best size for us is another matter, which is why, some three months ago, Panache launched the Bra Fit Challenge.They designed some really cool posters for the

Review – Leia Lingerie Store, York & Freya

I finally went down to check out Leia Lingerie‘s only store in the North, right in the heart of York.  Having reviewed bras sent to me courtesy of Leia head office, I was really keen to look into the Leia experience from the consumer point of view.  After all, buying online is all very well but how does it compare to proper instore interaction where you look for professional advice, was a question I wanted