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New Brand Bra Review – Alexis Smith

A new year often means a new start for many of us.  Beginning a new chapter a year on from last with another list of high hopes and resolutions.  January is the ideal time for freshening up after a gluttoness and overdone festive period, to dust away the cobwebs and detox your life.  It’s also the perfect time to be acquainted with new brands, which brings me to the introduction of large cup bra brand

How To – Get The Best From Your Boudoir Shoot

Boudoir photo shoots have lately become the new buzz word.  More and more photographers are learning the techniques and offering boudoir shoots alongside wedding packages and women are seeing the appeal in having personal photos taken for themselves as much as a gift for the other half.  If you’ve not yet experienced a boudoir shoot, you may be missing out on something. My first boudoir shoot 2009Steve Holcroft Photography The term boudoir isn’t such a

Large Cup Bra Review – Freya Ivy

Wow, first post of the new year!  Let me take this opportunity to thank you for supporting my blog and I hope you’ll stick around for 2013.  The blog changed direction slightly and picked up it’s pace pretty quickly last year, so I’m keen to progress and develop further, bringing you, my friends, some cool offers and incentives.  🙂 Even though it’s January now and everyone’s slowly opening up shop again, I’m hanging on to