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Valentine’s Day – Last Minute Advice

Okay, tomorrow is the 14th of February which means I’ve left it pretty late for a Valentine’s Day post.  That’s true, although my excuse is I’ve been unwell for a little while and seeing as you’re here too probably means you’ve left the all important love date to the last minute as well.  Touche.  Yes, you have less than 24 hours to grab a dubious looking monkey clutching a heart or a cheque book containing

Curvy Kate Portia – Bravissimo Visit

My recent experience with Curvy Kate‘s Princess bra wasn’t the success I’d hoped for.  I’d found the fit very broad with straps that teetered on the edge of my shoulders.  I absolutely loved the style and the berry colour was just delicious so I was immensely disappointed that I couldn’t wear Princess.  I was soon to see a glimmer of hope, however, since my post last week prompted Curvy Kate to inform me that corrections

Bra Review – Bravissimo Paradiso Plume

Earlier this week saw the introduction of some gorgeous new bras for the early spring season at Bravissimo.  New on the block, own brand bra Paradiso Plume had me smitten the moment I saw it online.  I was tempted to place an order from the website but I decided I couldn’t wait and made the trek up to Newcastle today; Eldon Garden bound to Bravissimo. If you’ve not yet seen Paradiso Plume, get ready for

Review – Curvy Kate: Fit For A Princess?

I hadn’t tried a Curvy Kate bra for a while, with the last design I bought being the Criss-cross, which didn’t work out for me.  I’ve always had my eye on the brand though because there’s always something new to catch your eye, whether a fresh new collection or just another yummy range of colours. I’ve long wanted to give another style a go so when I saw recently that Brastop was having a January

The Liebster Blog Award

Even though I’ve been blogging for two years this month, I’d never heard of the Liebster Blog Award before.  It turns out it’s a casual blogger nominated award for blogs with no more than 200 readers (I’m guessing GFC followed).  It’s a way of acknowledging and appreciating blogs you follow and is a fun way of getting more involved in the whole blogger community. What does it involve?  Don’t worry, there’s nothing daunting or scary

My Birthday Wish List

In one week’s time my 31st birthday will be upon me – yipee!  A time for indulgence, treats and personal gratification.  I like to milk my birthday for what it’s worth and I allow myself guilt-free requests such as magazines, pampering, new clothes and anything else that takes my fancy.  Okay, it’s not that different from the norm but it’s always an enjoyable time never the less.  🙂 For a bit of fun I thought