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My Savvy Spring Summer Style

Spring seriously dragged it’s heels.  According to the Met Office it’s been the UK’s coldest Spring in 50 years (!), so it’s been a challenge knowing what seasonal clothes to put away and which to begin wearing.  Now we’ve stepped into June (okay, which means it’s technically now Summer…) we can but hope for some sunnier weather.  With this spirit in mind, I’ve been gearing up my lighter wardrobe and embracing the new season trends,

The Directional D+ List

Image Copyright: Marlies Dekkers Lingerie for the larger busted can make a shopping trip a daunting task.  While more stores on the highstreet are realising the demand and adding full cup ranges to their lingerie departments they’re usually thin on choice of style or the availability of smaller bands.  If you’re looking for something a little different, more fashion forward and less frill, you can just about forget it. There are some fabulous choices for

Fall Into London – Lingerie Illustrated

There’s something about the aesthetics of lingerie that fascinates me.  The trigger of this interest was when I began modelling and found curiosity in the boudoir set.  It stirred a new appreciation of what was before just underwear to me and the images of bygone glamorous pin ups became my inspiration.   Vintage adverts have been a particular interest of mine for a while but some modern images are equally as stunning as the old,

Boux Avenue Leeds #3 – Fitting Review

When Boux Avenue opened it’s 18th doors in Leeds one afternoon last month, I attended the press event held earlier in the day.  I had the opportunity to check out the new store without the hustle and bustle of shoppers and was able to take a good look at the ranges on offer.  I was offered a professional fitting by one of the fitting associates which I was keen to do, since the staff know

Boux Avenue Leeds #2 – Store Review

Boux Avenue opened their 18th store last month in the White Rose shopping centre in Leeds and I was lucky enough to be there for the first day the doors opened for business.  I attended the press event shortly before the official store opening which gave me the opportunity to really check out what the store has to offer.  If you were wondering how Boux Avenue’s stores are laid out and how to shop there,

Review: My Bannatyne Spa Day Experience

The rigors of daily life can take it’s toll on our bodies especially when combined with stress and aches and pains of illness.  Sometimes a hot bubbly bath doesn’t cut it and as much as I love my relaxing baths by music and candlelight, a day of indulgent, selfish pampering is always up there on my ‘do to’ list.  I’m a big fan of spa days and even though I’ve had the odd massage here

My Spring Lingerie Picks 2013

Our Spring took it’s blooming time to get it’s skates on!  Towards the end of April the sun started to show a glimmer of hope and it’s probably safe to say now that the May bank holiday weekend officially declared that the warmer weather is back.  Me and Mr BB enjoyed a countryside walk right on our doorstep and it was just lovely feeling the warm  sun shine on my face.  The hedges and trees

RAW: Rabbit Awareness Week

I’ve made it pretty obvious here about my love of rabbits so I thought I’d let you know about a hugely important date on the animal welfare calendar, which is Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW).  So, calling all bunny owners, this is for you! RAW is an annual campaign, initiated by Burgess Pet Care, that came about due to the dismal fact that so many household rabbits are acutely neglected and misunderstood, despite bunnies being the