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Cute Eyecare: SpeckyFourEyes Sunglasses

The past few days have been a rather typically British mix of weather. In the time we left the house yesterday afternoon we had gorgeous sunshine, heavy black clouds, rain and lightening! The wind was really picking up too, so we had to be quick if I wanted to get a snap with a hint of sun. I was sent an insanely cute pair of sunglasses from, who specialise in prescription and reading glasses, kids

Summer Skincare: It’s All About Green

The sun is shining, the air’s humid and we’re all feeling a little… warm.  I adore the summer months, especially when the weather’s as beautiful as it is right now, but looking after my skin through tropical temperatures proves more of a challenge.Every skin type has its own problems but we all have to contend with the effects of hot, sweating skin.  I have combination skin, which means my face feels tight and dry in

Brastop Review: Curvy Kate Portia & Discount Code!

I love bargain hunting but it can be difficult finding what’s considered specialist bra sizes anywhere, let alone be able to buy them cheap.  We don’t always have the cash to pay full retail price but when you want to update your lingerie, what’s a girl to do?If you’re a bargain hunting busty girl like me you may be familiar with Brastop – the online destination for big bra bargains!  What’s really great about Brastop

Lingerie Review | Lollipop Lovely Freya Beau

When Freya released their Beau collection in new colour lollipop pink several months ago it was a moment of lust at first sight.  I generally love hot pink so the sugary shade combined with the cute repeating bow design and striking embroidery really caught my eye.   When Beau first hit the market a year ago in neutral ‘candy’ shade I disliked it immensely – it looked drab in the most unappealing shade of pink

Heatwave Surviving Lingerie

If you’re in the UK right now you’ll be fully aware that we’re currently in a meltdown.  Literally.  If we didn’t complain enough that the snow had gone on for too long, and begged for our wet Augusts to be gone, summer decided to kick us in the shins and delivered us the heatwave we’ve not experienced since 2006.  I guess we had it coming. For the past few weeks I’ve been sweltering in the

Retail Royalty: The Charity Challenge

When Money Supermarket asked me to get involved with their latest blogger challenge – Retail Royalty – I didn’t hesitate to accept.  The concept was simple: I would be provided with £30 to gift in goods to a charity of my choice.  As a bargain hunter with quite a thrift savvy head on my shoulders, I knew this was the perfect challenge for me! It’s all too easy to look out for ourselves and only

Retail Royalty: The Charity Challenge Intro

The massive popularity of Superman: Man of Steel, the 2 hour sell out of Capital FM’s Summertime Ball, even tv shows such as the likes of Made in Chelsea would have you believe we live in a time of affluent wealth.  True, many have seemed to have escaped the redundancy roulette and they’re still able to enjoy life’s luxuries but just as many people have genuinely been hit by the recession.   The credit crunch

Bodycare Review: Crabtree & Evelyn Somerset Meadow

Getting washed is a regime I enjoy; I love waking myself up with a revitalising face scrub and come the end of the day there’s nothing better than the feeling of fresh, clean skin when you head off to bed.  I both shower and bath, using soaks and cremes to soften my bath water and cleanse my skin wearing exfoliating gloves with body washes and gels. Shopping for shower gel isn’t a fail safe task