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New Season Bags: My Lust List

A new season, a new bag.  That’s the mantra I live by, anyway!  I wouldn’t want to wish away the summer but I can’t help but look forward to all the new collections and colours of Autumn.  My favourite style of bag at the moment is definitely one that features a long strap, and better still, also has grab handles.  I like to commit to one bag for the season and to have the flexibility

What I’m Up To…

I can’t remember the last time I wrote a post without a proper agenda so here’s one for you!  Just me rambling about what I’ve got going on right now.  This month saw my blogging persona extend to new heights, with my newly acquired column at Esty Lingerie!  I have taken a pew alongside three fellow bloggers (including owner, Estelle), where I shall be blogging about lingerie and boob related issues.  “Bountiful Boudoir” is the column to

Shabby Cheap: Gisela Graham Clock Dupe

My window display, which featured in Style at Home magazine The shabby chic look – with it’s vintage aesthetic and romantic charm –  is still a hugely popular theme for the home.  While I love the quintessentially British cottage feel with a hint of opulent French boudoir in the bedroom, there’s something so appealing about shabby chic combined with retro styles that really suit other rooms of the house, such as  the kitchen or dining

How to Choose A Corset with Hot Corsets & Discount Code

Corsets are a huge love of mine.  Modelling boudoir really sparked my fascination with them as it introduced me to brands I’d previously unknown and allowed me to explore a new way of dressing my body.  It’s easy to underestimate the self assuring power a good corset gives you.  Fat days are extinguished once the laces are pulled and voila!  Where did those mighty curves come from?!  If you thought you hadn’t curves, now is

Acting Cagey: Esty Lingerie Bondage Choker

Let’s get one thing straight.  Lingerie isn’t always about being pretty.  Don’t get me wrong, frills and bows certainly have a place in my life, but our personalities and moods are complex little beasts.  I don’t always feel like being cutesy.  I don’t like being expected to wear a certain type of underwear and if you’re going to tell me to be discreet, I sure as heck will not be! Lingerie is most definitely fashion

Showcasing Luxury Lingerie: Tallulah Love

Luxury lingerie is women’s underwear at it’s finest, and when it’s homegrown right here in the UK it’s all the better.  You normally expect a prestigious brand to emerge from the southern counties, with businesses heading to the big smoke chasing the city dream and it’s investors.  So, for a label such as Tallulah Love to be northern born and bred proves how tenacious and fashion forward the fantastic north east is.  Being a Yorkshire

My Budget Bucket List

Until this post, I’d never really devised a bucket list before.  Embarrassingly as it may be to admit, I hadn’t even known of the term until the movie ‘The Bucket List’ came out starring Morgan Freeman.  I thought it all seemed a bit morbid, that a list of a few activities can define a life.  But, then I remembered the lists I make every now and then, the ‘how to better my life’ list scribbled