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My Story In a Not-so-Nutshell

Whenever I tell someone I’m a lingerie blogger, I always receive the same exacerbated look, maybe because not every person you meet writes about lingerie every day, or maybe, all in that mili-second moment, I really said “I’m a porn star”.  (Which I’ll be quick to correct, I’m not.) I’m just a regular person who lives in a small North Yorkshire market town who happens to have a huge interest in lingerie.  And modelling it.

Lingerie Review | Wonderbra One & Only Chic Lace

When I first started wearing bras as a teenager I remember a few of the girls at school wore Wonderbra, and I longed for the day I could have my own.  Looking back now, I don’t think it was at all appropriate for 14 year old girls to be wearing provocative underwear, but all you think at the time is about being grown up and wearing what you think ‘proper’ women wear. Wonderbra is so much

UK Lingerie Awards Finalist: Maison Close

The UK Lingerie Awards will shortly be upon us, with the grand awards evening now little over two weeks away!  There is a small amount of tickets still available here if you don’t want to miss an exquisite evening of unadulterated lingerie love.   One of the finalists vying for the coveted Boudoir Lingerie Brand of the Year title and the UK’s Favourite Lingerie Brand in the public vote is French Maison Close, a brand whose collections

A Shabby Chic Boudoir by Live Laugh Love

Growing up I shared a bedroom with my older sister.  We fought ferociously, each vying for  claim on wardrobe space and square footage.  We had wood chip wallpaper which I’d pick off by my side of the bed and a hard wearing brown carpet that would be littered with a degree of pens, paper and Sylvannian Families.  My childhood bedroom more a war zone, I never really got around to having a proper girly room.

Christmas Lingerie Lust List

Christmas is irrefutably my favourite holiday of the year.  My seasonal reveling generally starts with listening to Christmas music then I get planning my Christmas cakes.  When thoughts are turned to presents, before you know it the big department stores are airing their Christmas adverts, vying for the coveted unofficial title of best Christmas ad of the year.   Yep, this weekend the adverts dominated TV.  The Marks & Spencer ad – a whimsical fairytale

Diary Doll Period Pants

Oh how PMS gets me down… (yes, this really is me!)Image: Chris Rout Periods are evil.  I blame Eve, if it hadn’t been for her I wouldn’t be expressing my absolute loathing of what can only be described as woman’s monthly punishment.  I wouldn’t mind so much if it didn’t mean your entire world turned itself inside out for two weeks out of the four.  Mood swings, back ache, bloating, period pain… womankind really does

Getting Snuggly with Heat Holders Tights

If you’re not familiar with Heat Holders, you have sooo been missing out!  I first came across the cosy brand a few years ago (around the time they were launched in 2008) when a stand of their awesomely thick socks caught my eye.  As someone with ridiculously crap circulation, or Raynaud’s to you and I fellow ‘frosty’ sufferers, chunky boot socks are always on my radar.  Heat Holders excited me on a whole new level

Christmas Watch Lust List

One of my favourite watches, now over 10 years old! I love watches.  I think my love affair started back when I was coming of age and needed a watch for ‘big school’.  I was given by my parents a gorgeous watch that had a cat on the face and a mouse ran round as the sweeping second hand.  I adored it and it made me feel all grown up.  Sadly I was only to