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Valentines Fragrance & Free Gift Offer

I have a few weaknesses: quality designer bags, watches and fragrance (oh, and lingerie!)  As much as I am a bargain queen there are some things in life that aren’t worth skimping on, and where perfume’s concerned I’ve always found it to be a fact.  Body sprays and many low priced eau de toilettes just don’t have staying power, whereas a premium scent can last years as you don’t need to drench yourself to smell

Why I Don’t Rate The True Love Tester Bra

The news of a newly developed high tech bra that’s said to open only when the wearer is in love, began circulating online this week.  The Japanese lingerie brand, Ravijour, behind the True Love Tester Bra say the benefit lies with warding off unwanted sexual advances thus helping you engage only with the love of your life.  The ‘smart’ bra more akin to a chastity belt than a sexy garment, works by analysing your heart rate via bluetooth

Be My Valentine: Parfait Natalia

Nothing says Valentine’s like red lacy lingerie.  Right on cue for the holiday of lovers, Parfait has launched their new collection, Natalia, which is set to send hearts racing this February!Scarlet smalls are, however, not made equal.  I’ve seen many a poor excuse of lust inducing lingerie that’s looked more trashy and cheap than sexy and chic.  The mistake often lies with the eradication of anything suggestively sensual, consisting merely of poor quality fabric because

Hepburn & Leigh Win: My First Splurge

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last few months, you’ll have heard I won Hepburn & Leigh’s Garter Girl competition, because I really have been banging on about it since.  My photoshoot, in which I modelled quite a bounty of retro and pin up inspired lingerie, finally came to fruition a few weeks ago and my amazing £1000 gift to spend as I wish in the online store has given lots of opportunity

D+ Bra Review | Mimi Holliday Berry Fest

Mimi Holliday, the diffusion line from high end lingerie label, Damaris, has earned it’s luxury credentials quite rightly itself.  Boasting colourful collections using exquisitely cut fabrics in designs sexy and cute, the house of Mimi is a fierce brand to be reckoned with.What I love most about Mimi Holliday is that you wouldn’t expect fuller busts to be catered for here, yet just a brief peruse through the super luxe lingerie reveals a neat array

Hepburn & Leigh ‘Garter Girl’ Photo Shoot

Image: Hepburn & Leigh I was taken aback when I found out I was to be a Garter Girl.  Last summer, the online boutique Hepburn & Leigh ran a competition to find models for their website, and it was coming into Autumn when I was informed I’d won.  I’ve been modelling for the past four years but it didn’t make my excitement any less profound.  To be the face of a lingerie brand is nothing short of a

Looking Forward to Lingerie | SS14

I always look forward to the release of Spring/Summer collections.  Thinking ahead of the lovely lingerie yet to come and the sight of exotic shoot locations acts like a cheap alternative to a holiday; a wanderlust moment for a cloudy head bogged down in Wintry reality. Cleo ‘Neve Spot’ I’m excited for the release of a newly designed Neve from Cleo, which was (and still remains) my favourite bra of 2013.  The violet and black

Boudoir Treats | The House of Seduction

Lingerie serves many purposes in my life: a lot of the time it’s simply a quest for comfy and well fitting underwear; a curvy figure of fuller boobs and a bum isn’t the easiest to dress in this domain.  So when it boils down to the sex factor, I’m not particularly fussy about proper bra fit – sorry! – but when I want gorgeous, thrilling lingerie I certainly aren’t bothered about baring too much flesh.