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Cake Lingerie | Maternity Macaroon

When I think of maternity lingerie, my thoughts immediately picture dowdy mail order catalogues boasting industrial size nursing bras in chintzy cotton.  I think that’s the part of motherhood that brings me out in a cold sweat, the idea that once your pregnant, that’s it, all the feminine – sexual – side of you is evaporated in the instant you don a frumpy Auntie Fanny bra.   I’m 32 this year and more than well

Reflections & Resolutions

2013 was an incredible year for the blog – and me!  Despite being a Northerner tucked away in the Yorkshire Dales it’s not stopped me reviewing the newest brands to hit the high street and the latest collections from some of the leading lingerie names in the world.  I would love to take the credit for all I’ve been able to achieve, but really I couldn’t have done it without the support of the brands