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Illicit Lingerie | Maison Close: Rue Des Demoiselles

Erotic lingerie is a niche easily wronged.  For tasteful bedroom lingerie you’ve always had to invest in the more upscale brand whose boutique prices can be unimaginably hard to justify for a barely there garment.  There was never so much a mid ground, which is where Maison Close stepped right in to claim the position of well designed boudoir lingerie at a more affordable price. I’ve long loved French lingerie brand Maison Close for it’s magnetising collections.  At the back

Winning at Living With Chronic Pain | Part 2

To mark International Fibromyalgia & M.E Awareness Day I decided to write about chronic pain and learning how to live with it in the best way possible. Pain and fatigue are draining conditions to live with on a long term basis, and because it leads you down a dark path with its isolating effect, it’s easy to succumb to negativity.  When you’re at your lowest your weary mind accepts pessimism more readily, when in reality

Winning at Living With Chronic Pain | Part 1

Those of you more familiar with me will know that I have a chronic pain condition called Fibromyalgia, and this May 12th is the official International Fibromyalgia & M.E Awareness Day. Fibromyalgia and M.E (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) are very similar in their symptoms and daily effect on life, which is why the awareness day is shared by both conditions.  Whilst the main difference is that M.E is a post viral condition and Fibromyalgia associated with trauma, both syndromes

And The Winner Is…

The giveaway of a Wonderbra lingerie set designed by Basso & Brooke has finally come to a close, and it appears many of you were keen to get your hands on it!  Only one winner could be picked, and the announcement was tweeted on Bank Holiday Monday, the lucky lady choosing the stunning Versailles set. Congratulations Izzy McLeod!

Neon Brights Part 2: Gossard Luxury Lace

Colour popping shades are the way to wear your lingerie this summer, and Gossard‘s second on-trend neon bright comes in the form of their successful Luxury Lace line. Luxury Lace features a padded plunge bra heavily detailed with an overlaid stretch embroidered lace.  Reflectly Lola’s coral pink and aqua trims, Luxury Lace’s aqua blue is accented with a central coral bow.  Contrasting with such a typically classic design, the vivid aqua blue gives Luxury Lace

Neon Brights Part 1: Gossard Lola

Fed up with pretty florals and soft pastels?  Well, right now it’s all about the colour pop. From zesty lemons to shocking pink, lingerie this summer is turning up the dial and going super bright. Latest collections, Lola and Luxury Lace, from Gossard are bang on trend with intoxicating colour.  Two neon brights, both completely different in their design.  In this two part post special I’m reviewing LOLA. Lola’s vivid coral pink really stands out and is a

If Game of Thrones Did Lingerie

Game of Thrones doesn’t do underwear.  Often it doesn’t do clothes, either.  But when the women of Westeros (and Essos) aren’t slipping off their robes and getting jiggy with the knights and Lords, they are actually kicking serious butt. ‘Behind every great man stands a strong woman’ – or as it is with this game of thrones: ‘behind every half wit stands a femme fatale’.  These women are the business. And they wear amazing outfits. If they wore lingerie, what