Monthly Archives: June 2014

The Boys, The Girls, They All Like Carmen

I was lucky enough to win a gorgeous pair of shoes by boutique footwear brand Love Art Wear Art.  It was a fantastic win, not least because they’re simply stunning, but because I had my bridal lingerie shoot upcoming and the sandals were a perfect match to the theme. Love Art Wear Art are pretty much a shoe connoisseur’s dream because each of their collections are hand made and limited edition.  Time, passion and quality

Once Upon A Time There Was A Wood Mouse…

I just love little critters!  This time of year is my favourite for seeing all the kinds of wildlife out and about, and my own garden doesn’t disappoint.  Living within earshot of the river and beneath lots of lovely old trees means there’s always so much interesting to spot and hear, but what’s excited me most this summer has been the discovery of a little wood mouse who comes to visit us! Mr Mouse (or

Lingerie Review | Curvy Kate Roxie Bra

Have you ever lusted after something so badly that when you’ve finally got it you’re overwhelmed by a deflating disappointment? “Oh.  Was that IT?” And all in one moment it comes to you, that the whole time you spent adoring and craving was just a hazy mirage of wishful unreality. I’m talking about my heart wrenching recent bra experience. Okay, slight drama there, but the truth is I really did hold all expectation on the bra I held

Lingerie Review | Tutti Rouge Nichole

Tutti Rouge burst onto the scene only three fashion seasons ago but already the brand has made waves in what is an under served niche industry. Catering for the D+ market beyond a G cup was a brave move well received simply because their fresh attitude toward big boobed ladies has addressed much of the fuller bust market problem – the availability of pretty, on trend and affordable lingerie. Nichole is a new design introduced this

Yankee Candle Garden Hideaway

There’s something magical about a candle.  A simple burning wick instantly brings a warm ambiance to any room, the flicker of a flame mesmerising you into a state of relaxation, cocooning you from the world with it’s glow. A scented candle evokes memories and feelings, igniting imagination with images and dreams conjured up from fragrances and oils. I burn most candles at the end of the year for the dark months spent in hibernation, but summer

The Wireless Revolution

The humble bra has come a long way since the early twentieth century, when sizes were as limited as the fabric was restrictive.  Thankfully these days we have over a hundred sizes at our disposable and ample choice in the bra style department.  But, for the entire life of the bra there’s always been two categorical choices: underwired or soft cup. In the last couple of years a quiet revolution has been brewing, bringing to a head the new bra