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Large Cup Luxe Lingerie | Chantelle Superbe

Luxury lingerie easily enters our wish lists but too often prices us out of our budget.  The old adage to buy the best you can afford stands true: superior quality is money well spent.  And, for those of us whose everyday price range doesn’t make the luxury end of the market, there’s always those too rare occasions we’re allowed to treat ourselves to a guilty pleasure of beautiful, high end lingerie. Chantelle has a rich heritage producing

Freya Lingerie : Pansy Longline Reviewed

Dark floral prints are in abundance this Autumn and nailing the trend right on is Freya Lingerie’s newest collection, Pansy.  A beautifully vibrant print in a colour palette of deep blues and violets, Pansy is one hot to trot lingerie set! When I first saw the midnight colour Pansy print I just instantly loved it.  It’s not everyday a humble little flowerbed favourite is the leading lady, and this gorgeous flurry of flowers is an instant feel

Modern Thermals for a Snug & Sexy Winter

If you’re anything like me – an icicle in the slightest breeze – cold weather is the malevolent enemy.  Being adverse to arctic temperatures is one thing, but suffering the throes of poor circulation, or Raynaud’s in my case, makes this time of year every bit unbearable. Even if you’re not at risk of a painful Raynaud’s attack, it’s important to keep your body warm when it’s cold.  Winter layering in woolly knits can sometimes be a

Ultimo DD-G Fuller Bust Plunge Bra

  Ultimo were once a lingerie brand exclusively for sub DD wearers, but not anymore. Last month they officially stepped into the large bust territory, launching their DD-G Fuller Bust range. I’ve always seen Ultimo as being a sexy brand; lingerie for a special night out for when you want something sculpting and defining.  Uplifting bras feigning increased boob size and exaggerated cleavage. Being a G+ wearer myself I know it isn’t every busty woman’s dream to minimise and hide

Cardio Workouts for Chronic Pain

  Getting fit has been a priority of mine since I realised I’d fallen into a vicious cycle of chronic pain and poor fitness.  I wasn’t going to feel better for as long as I didn’t exercise so establishing a manageable regime that worked me out without harming myself was an important task. Chronic pain illnesses, particularly those that affect the joints and muscles surrounding them, can make exercising tricky.  My fibromyalgia and hypermobility conditions have both

Kris Line European Lingerie

Kris Line has been designing and producing their own lingerie for over twenty years, but with its roots in Eastern Europe, they’re a little known brand in the UK. Although there are some boutiques and specialist online stores retailing Kris Line lingerie, the company aim to put the brand more firmly on the map, focussing their attention on meeting the needs of the Brits on a broader scale. “Polish based lingerie brands are coming up with the

BOOBS : What Does YOUR Normal Feel Like?

When did you last check out your boobs?  Like, really really check your boobs? Most of us have it drilled into our subconscious that we should be routinely checking for unfamiliar and dodgy lumps and bumps on our boobs, but in practice it’s a task, and despite the best of intentions, many of us do forget. We know the importance to check – being ahead of the game and having the chance to investigate anything untoward

Heritage Trend | Tweed Fitted Jackets

It’s October and Autumn has truly arrived.  The nights are drawing in as quick as the trees are shedding their leaves, and with the t shirts I lived in throughout Summer now relegated to the bottom of drawers, all thoughts are on a warmer wardrobe. Warmer clothing tends to be bulky, thick and cumbersome, which in turn can make you look shapeless and feel frumpy.  That’s me, anyway.  Just because it’s getting colder, it doesn’t mean I