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Cosy Christmas Pyjamas | The Nightwear Edit

Christmas is our ultimate holiday, and while the festivities are a luxuriated given, one of the best things of the season is inarguably the endless duvet day opportunities.  Wrapped beneath a blanket with a hot chocolate in hand, nothing quite beats the indulgence of a guilt-free chill out. Cosy, comfy pyjamas were just made for Christmas! A new pair of pyjamas makes many a Christmas Eve wish list.  With snuggle factor the highest priority, only the warmest, cosiest nightwear will suffice.  This is my pick of

Playful Promises Fuller Busted | Playful Portia

It was my very first lingerie themed modelling shoot six years ago when Playful Promises came into my line of sight.  Then I found myself wearing the brand when I won the Hepburn and Leigh modelling competition in 2014, and since then I’ve accumulated something of a collection.  You could say I have a soft spot for them and you wouldn’t be far wrong.   While my most covetable pieces include their corsets and frilly knickers, its not been for the lack

S’No Queen Thermals | Hotting Up The Winter Chill

At this time of year, you don’t need to jet off to the slopes to feel the chill.  As we move toward the year end, temperatures are dropping and snow is already falling.  There’s no escaping: winter is coming.   To be fair, I dug my thermals out way before Bonfire Night.  I don’t do cold.  So when the wind’s blowing sub zero winds, I need all the help I can get.  And let me

Bridal Lingerie & Loungewear | My Wish List

Wedding planning has found me in a place of lace trimmed lust.  With so many exquisite dresses, gorgeous headdresses and decadent lingerie, I could easily spend squillions on the most perfect and visually delectable outfit for my big day.  When your wedding is a once in a lifetime event, you can’t help but pull out all the stops. I’ve fallen for so much bridal beauty lately, it’s proving quite a task making any authoritative decisions!  I’m

Inferiority-Popularity Complex | Blogger Problems

I wrote this piece about a month ago, that I later decided I wouldn’t post.  This is what I’m like: writing is my therapy.  I go through phases of emotions and big life questioning that I’ll get over and may or may not revisit.  I call it ‘life lethargy’. Depression and anxiety does this to me, but it doesn’t mean the feelings I’ve had at any moment in time are invalid.  So I’m sharing it. When I first started

Autumnal Jewels | Freya Jade ‘Rio’ Collection

Do you remember your first bra?  Or how about the bra you wore for your dream job’s interview?  For something so insignificant to daily life, underwear has a funny way of imprinting memories.   I do remember my first bra (a set of two basics) and the bra after that one too (my favourite ever blue gingham bra).  Just as memorably, another bra stands clear in my mind.  I was first professionally fitted in my mid twenties with a full bust

Pudsey Bear Tights + 6 More Novelty Hosiery

It may be a little early for Christmas festivities just yet, but November gets us into the spirit of giving with our favourite annual fundraiser.  That’s right, it’s Children In Need!   Pudsey Bear is the iconic face of the Children In Need charity, and this year you can show your support by proudly displaying him on your pins! Pretty Polly has created a pair of Pudsey tights in their popular over the knee style, so you can donate

I Want a Wedding For Christmas

Weddings are romantic, exciting and a good excuse for a party, but next to house moving, getting married is also high up there on the list of life’s most stressful events.  So really, deciding to put a wedding on the cards before Christmas would be quite ludicrous.  And that’s precisely what I’m going to try and do.   I’ve been engaged for 16 years but in none of that time have my fiancé and I ever sat down and set