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Panache Black Eclipse : Sophistication Reborn

When whispers surfaced of an impending Panache brand disappearance I wasn’t the only one shocked by the news that Masquerade was to be no more.  As a solid fan of the label’s refined, exotic designs, I was sincerely gutted to lose such an affable brand. I needn’t have worried though.  Masquerade’s quality ethos has been re-birthed into the premium Panache Black.  On learning this fantastic news I was especially keen to check out the new collections. Eclipse is

Roses for my Valentine | Freya Deco Darling

The dedicated day of love returns in less than a month for its annual excuse to gush gestures of admiration – and spend lots on our significant other or fancy thing.  Yep, it’s Valentine’s Day! Nothing says Valentine’s like lingerie and roses, so how about winning at tradition and imagination by gifting Freya‘s fabulous Deco Darling lingerie set.  Adorned with lush roses and complete with a sensual suspender belt for that added ooh la la, Deco Darling is all

Fab Boob Friendly Dresses

Extended speciality lines catering for the petite, the tall and the plus size have made fashion shopping easier, but with figures varying in shape just as much as size, there’s still room for improvement in the high-street brands. I love clothes shopping but sometimes it isn’t so fantastic when trying to dress my boobs.  While T shirts and jumpers are simpler and easier to get away with, dresses, in comparison, can look terrible when they’re not properly tailored to

Birthday Wishes | Lust List

February is a colourful month, not least because it marks my birthday!  As a lingerie lover my lust list would be incomplete without some super fine smalls.  Mimi Holiday‘s Fab maxi bra is right up there in the super luxe stakes with it’s candy sweet colour and frivolous lace.  Freya‘s newest collection, Eden, is a pretty set to take me into Spring with its fresh painted flora palette.  And, the contemporary styled Berlei shaping briefs are just artistic beauty

Review: Pink Parcel for Your Period

Monthly subscription boxes are incredibly popular, and with many types now on the market catering for beauty lovers to craft enthusiasts, it’s for very good reason.   Not least are subscription boxes an affordable way to try otherwise premium products, they’re a fab way to discover new brands and experiment with new tools and crazes.  But probably the biggest reason for their success is the exciting anticipation of the arrival of the box each month, and the

Your Time to Shine As a Star in a Bra

  Curvy Kate has this week freshly launched it’s Star in a Bra competition in a bid to bag the next curvy D+ model.  If you’ve got it, flaunt it!  But, is your daily struggle with body confidence stopping you from your modelling dreams? Self confidence is fantastically magical when you feel great.  Looking at your reflection in the mirror, you like what you see.  Today you look good.  Today’s going to be a fab day. But come

Fantasie Jana | Review & Giveaway

 What’s wonderful about the world of lingerie is that there’s always something new, a brand you’ve never tried, meaning a heap of opportunity to explore new designs and fit. Freya Lingerie’s older sister, Fantasie, is one of those brands I’d much admired but never actually owned.  Its pieces are pricier, though the aesthetic of the more mature collections have a certain luxe quality that justifies the price tag.  Opulent yarns and sumptuous fabric appear to be Fantasie’s

Why Your New Year Resolutions Aren’t The Healthiest of To-Do Lists

When January comes around it’s a renewing feeling that everything starts afresh with the new year.  With its bracing mid Winter winds blowing the cobwebs and glitter away from the end of year festivities, it couldn’t come sooner. As satisfying as it is – snuggling down in blankets armed with chocolate, with the dark nights and bitter weather being the only excuse for our hibernating – the thought of fighting the fatigue and adopting a more positive lifestyle