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Zoely: The Wonder Pill?

I’ve been on ‘the pill’ for a heck of a long time.  And, unlike most people’s reasons for taking a contraceptive prescription, mine was for sanity: I had demon periods. For years I dreaded my period that more resembled giving birth; two days every month spent in agonising labour-like pain doubled over on my bedroom floor.  As a teen, my beastly period disrupted my school-life and had me removed mid GCSE history exam.  So, when my gp suggested the pill, I

Does Feminist Lingerie Fit The Fuller Busted?

In an age where lingerie is a multi billion pound global industry it would be ignorant to suggest ladies underwear is a flimsy plaything in the fashion field.   With big players such as Victoria’s Secret and Agent Provocateur commanding massive turnover and achieving cult status, lingerie today is much more than practical apparel.  But is the face of this intimate industry merely all aesthetics with too much attention toward sex factor?  New start up, Neon Moon,

Plunging Panache Fontaine

When you spend a lot of time trying out lingerie of all shapes and sizes, you learn one or two things about yourself.  You get acquainted with your body shape, and your taste, expectation and lifestyle ascertains your choices – and you get to know what suits you and what doesn’t. Of all the varieties of bra style, I know what works best for my shape.  With closely positioned boobs plunge bras fit me well and are

Bridal Solutions: Freya Deco Darling

Spring is the most popular season for tying the knot, and no surprise why.  It’s light, bright and full of new beginnings, with the Spring blooms and blossom making the most popular months of May and June the prettiest time to marry. The bridal gown is one of the biggest focal points of a wedding, but while all eyes are on the dress, there’s a whole lot of unseen mystery beneath the raw silk and lace. Bridal

Iridescence & Lace | Gossard Superboost Foil Effect

Brand familiarity is a convenient situation.  The regularity of a continuity line and collections based on a consistent design helps with getting to know how a certain style fits you.  Once you find a shape that suits you, lingerie life can be pretty simple. So it’s always exciting when brands shake it up and throw limited edition variations of long term favourites into the mix! Gossard have vamped up their popular Superboost Lace collection with the luxe Foil Effect

Passionata’s Larger Cup Love: Sexy Smooth Review

Passionata is a lingerie icon thanks to model, Bar Refaeli, fronting their campaigns for the past five years.  But, since Passionata hit their 25th birthday last year, a new face has assumed the position –  Valérie Van Der Graaf –  bringing a new energy to the bubbly brand. Passionata‘s SS15 season has been hotly anticipated as the playful ‘Sexy Funfair’ campaign introduces larger cup sizes to select collections for the first time.  For fuller busted Passionata