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Curvy Kate Luxe: The Full Bust Strapless

Functional underwear isn’t particularly exciting.  It exists to serve a purpose – problem solve and correct – and for that reason it isn’t usually the most thrilling of under garments.  But it does have to do the job right, so we actually have higher expectations of solution lingerie to perform in the ways we demand.  If you’re full busted you’ll be well versed in the trials and tribulations of the strapless bra.  In fact, finding a really good strapless

San Francisco Silk by Andrés Intimates

Luxury lingerie is a guilty pleasure for many.  Whether it’s a perfectly crafted aesthetic or covetable brand status that gets the pulse racing, indulgent lingerie will always have a place on our wish list. Premium fabrics increase the desirability of lingerie tenfold, and silk is widely considered one of the most sumptuous luxuries.  But did you know that silk has a standard scale much like cotton’s threadcount?  A garment not disclosing its silk momme weight is worth walking away from. US brand,

Colour Block Swimwear | Speedo Sculpture Crystalshine

This past week the UK has been enjoying some gloriously hot weather, and up here in the Yorkshire Dales we’ve been reaching for our Summer wardrobe and basking in the sun.  So it seems perfect timing that I’ve been taking a look at the latest swimwear releases, and there’s an array of designs and colour to delight your curves. Continuing with my look at the colour blocking trend comes the vivacious Crystalshine Swimsuit (£45) from Speedo Sculpture.  This is

Colour Block Swimwear | Freya ‘Bondi’ Bikini

Sports Luxe is a massive trend this year and it appears swimwear totally rocks the look.  While it isn’t a style for the faint hearted, colour blocking turns up the volume at level awesome – emphasising curves and announcing your arrival. When Freya released images of their new Bondi swim collection, lingerie buyers and social media went bonkers.  Bondi is undisputedly one of Freya’s best looking swimwear designs in a long time.  Its intense colour and

IBS: It’s Not a Load of Crap

If I were to be judged by my Instagram, my life is all rabbits and lingerie.  While that is vastly true, it’s only the aesthetically pleasing side to my life.  But, real life isn’t neatly packaged and trimmed with a bow, and we’re all a little guilty of living through enhanced filters. April is IBS Awareness Month, and as the title suggests, I have IBS. First diagnosed at 16, my condition’s journey has taken me on a

Glamorous Gossard ‘Sienna’ Swimwear

While it’s only just Spring, it’s never too early to start looking at swimwear.  Holiday season is around the corner and if you’re lucky, you may be jetting off to sunny climes sooner.  Get your beach clobber sorted out now, because this Summer big boobs have a lot to be happy about. Gossard are a fantastic brand for trend led lingerie, and their swimwear makes no exception.  Whether you’re after something eye catching or elegant, there’s

My Parfait Crush: Raspberry Elena

Window shopping isn’t always a joyful exercise.  Don’t believe it when you’re told it satisfies shopping addictions, it doesn’t, it makes the want worse!   Glimpsing pre-season fashion collections is exactly the same.  The fact you can’t have that gorgeous, covetable lingerie yet makes the crush more intense, and the wait is an endless living nightmare until the day of launch arrives. Last year I opened up a copy of insider mag Lingerie Insight and fell in love with