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Freya Deco Delight: The Loungewear

Shopping for lingerie can be a challenge, so finding sleepwear to fit a big bust is a task in its own right.  Who even knew you could buy pyjamas specially for big boobs?   For me, it’s always been one of those things to bear in mind whatever clothing I’ve gone on the look out for.  Outerwear or sleepwear, I’ve always got to make sure there’s enough boob room for comfort.  In bed I like my clothes to

Rosa Faia By Anita Lingerie: Aurelia

The name Aurelia reminds me of the Portuguese girl in Love Actually; the warm, full of heart and a little bit ditsy housekeeper/love interest to Colin Firth’s character.  So, it’s not such a bad name for a bra that epitomises the same strong, loveable character. Aurelia, a collection from Anita Lingerie’s sub brand, Rosa Faia, is unlike most lingerie I’ve tried.  I tend to reach for colour and trend led design.  Aurelia doesn’t scream vibrancy or youthfulness; it’s

Freya Deco Delight: The Lingerie

Grey has earned a bad rap in the lingerie drawer.  It’s considered a drab colour often attributed to tired, old underwear; the shade once crisp white cotton degenerates to after too much washing and wear.  Poor grey doesn’t see the thrill that pink assumes, but it isn’t all gloom and woefulness. Personally, I love grey.  I find it an easy colour to wear and co-ordinate and it looks super chilled out as much as it can be pretty. Lingerie

The Full Bust Market : Is It Big Enough?

In recent times, the full bust market has really come into its own.  Big bra shopping is no longer the realm of the specialist mail order company and it’s pretty normal to pick up a G cup with your grocery shop.  But while buying lingerie for the larger bust is more accessible, is it the best achievable for 2015? Women are increasingly more bra savvy thanks to the media obsession with the ‘real woman’.  Our body shapes don’t fall into tidy brackets; we have fuller figures

Sukki Singapora Interview | A Tutti Rouge Affair

No two worlds collide in such a glittering fashion as the lingerie industry and the burlesque scene.  Historically, lingerie has a heritage steeped in conformity, while Burlesque’s roots were society’s boundary pushing and provocative kickback.  These days, the alternative genre of burlesque is not quite mainstream, but it is gradually coming to the fore with vintage ideologies such as the pin up icon and 50s style trending again. One such performer who is rocking the burly boat is Sukki

Rabbit Awareness Week | House Rabbits Rock

It’s Rabbit Awareness Week!  The official week for spamming your friends and family with proper bunny cuteness.  (Now that’s a party I can back!) My rabbits play a huge part in my life.  In fact, I see them as members of the family, who I love hanging out with on the sofa and chatting to while watching tv. My rabbits are house bunnies so we see each other throughout the day. They have their own areas

Late Spring Lust List

This month I find myself craving a new array of gorgeous wardrobe boosters!  The transition of Spring into Summer can be tricky, but it’s really the perfect time to inject a bit of frivolous fun into your outfits.   A fluoro bright statement piece worn with casual neutral tones looks effortlessly chic, and fruity shades come into their own whether it rains or shines. This is my late Spring lust list – a capsule compilation of bright

12 Weeks To Symprove my IBS

IBS is a pain in the butt, so when I was asked to trial a product that could possibly cure my irritable bowel syndrome I jumped at the chance.  Having tried medications and self help that made no difference I was a little skeptical, but the daily drain of my symptoms proved anything was worth a shot. I’d never heard of Symprove so I googled it as much as I could to find out what people were saying