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Bye Bye Baby | My Missed Miscarriage

I never imagined that the first time I’d see my first ever baby she wouldn’t be alive. Laying in a dimmed room, in the illumination of the monitor, I saw my baby, like a little sleeping hippo, cocooned in the safety of my belly.   But she was still.   Suspended in time, no heart beat from the motionless shape on the screen.  In a moment my life’s hopes and dreams had been snuffed out. Thinking I was 9

Maison Close ‘Hotel Diva’ Teddy

Growing into my pregnancy body is proving a challenge already; bras aren’t fitting as they did a week before, and everything feels a bit… tight.  Even though my body’s changing and getting bigger for an amazing reason, it doesn’t mean I don’t sometimes feel a bit frumpy.  Feeling shabby about yourself at an important time of your life is just not right, so wearing clothing – and indeed lingerie – that makes you feel extra special is top of

Curvy Kate ‘Madagascar’ | Oceanic Animal Print

A lingerie brand’s seasonal offerings can sometimes become stale with the same collections restyled.  While this is great for continuity lines where you get to know which pieces work for you, it can get boring being limited to too similar designs. Even though Curvy Kate have several staples as per the norm for any lingerie label, I’ve noticed how they’re really creative with fresh looks each season too. Madagascar was introduced last season, but returns for a revival

So… I’m Pregnant! (Now what?!)

They say you shouldn’t tell anyone for 3 months, so there goes that plan out of the window.  I was barely past 6 weeks when my doctor performed the test confirming my status quo: I’m pregnant!  I only came off the Pill back in March, deciding it wasn’t doing me all that much good, and realising it actually wouldn’t be such a bad thing to have a baby.  I just didn’t expect it would happen so quickly but sometimes

Pharma Nord Q10 Skincare Trial

Pick up any glossy magazine and you’ll read the same beauty mantra – cleanse, tone and moisturise and great skin follows.  But anyone who’s taken the time to ingest this information and invested in every newly released product will know just how not very simple caring for your skin can be. Knowing your skin type is the first step.  Having oily/combination facial skin means I often struggle with products over moisturising, and trying to control break outs with blemished areas