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Gossard Radiance: The VIP Swarovski Range

When was the last time you bought lingerie just because it looked good?  Buying based on looks is something we do all the time – aesthetics is everything – but sometimes the sexiest bra is blown out of the water by something more beautiful, more extravagant.   Most often set aside for a rare special occasion, this type of lingerie is more decadent, and oh, how fantastic it makes you feel! Gossard‘s VIP line is

Why AW15 Will Be THE Full Bust Season

The full bust scene is buzzing right now.  It may still be Summer but we’re fast approaching the second big season of the lingerie industry calendar, and with AW15 around the corner there’s more than Autumnal colours heading our way.   You have my word, next season is about to get a whole lot hotter! Scantilly Curvy Kate’s sexier sister finally comes to town and she’s got kink in her vocabulary!  Scantilly addresses the desires of

Freya ‘Pure’ Moulded Nursing Bra

I never gave maternity lingerie much of a thought before I became pregnant.  I knew it existed but I couldn’t quantify from first hand experience how important and, really quite necessary, a good fitting maternity bra is. So when I found myself needing a maternity bra, in the short time I was carrying a baby, it opened up a whole new world of lingerie benefits versus desire to me. *Even though I’ve now since miscarried, and those

Yes, Miscarriage is Something We Should Talk About

Since the day we learned we lost our baby, it seems all we see is babies.  When you’ve gone from being a first time expectant parent to grieving the premature loss of your baby, you notice all the adverts with babies in, every single passing pushchair and crying babes in arms.  Kids are everywhere – your reminder of what you could have won. Recently Mark Zuckerberg spoke about his wife, Priscilla Chan’s, miscarriages, and vloggers Sam and Nia

Things Girls With Big Boobs CAN Do

Women with big boobs are constantly being told what we can’t do.  Not only is it frustrating to be put into a box and labelled, it isn’t socially responsible or fair when that judgement is plain wrong. How many times have you read this type of post: 15 Things Only Girls With Big Boobs Understand and 28 Things That People With Big Boobs Can’t Do?  These types of posts claim to allow busty women to come together