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Bridal Lingerie: Wonderbra Refined Glamour Ultimate Strapless Reviewed

The role of a bride’s lingerie is often under appreciated.  So much so, many brides choose to wear just their regular underwear.  But bridal lingerie is so much more than a simple bra and brief, and if you consider it well, can take your wedding dress to another level.  The right bra will support you right where you need it and acts as the foundation of your outfit, existing to make you feel sensational even before you don

Bridal Lingerie | The Full Bust Bra List

It’s official – next month I’m getting wed!  After over 16 years of engagement and almost as long spent living with my soon to be spouse, it’s quite a strange concept to grasp.  Life will resume to pretty much the same routine once married, but the name change will herald new beginnings, and of course, a nice new ring to wear. Naturally (for a lingerie blogger) once I realised I had a wedding to plan, my thoughts

Your 5 Most Loved Posts of 2015

One of the most rewarding aspects of blogging, aside from all the lovely lingerie I receive, is reader feedback.  I love finding out what you guys have to say about a post, hear your own experiences, and just delve deeper into discussion with you.   As a blogger it’s also kinda imperative for me to know what posts make you, the reader, tick, and I love nothing more than sharing the brands and topics you like

Happy New Year | A Wish of New Hope & Optimism

Year ends have a way of throwing you into the emotional mixer.  The annual wave of goodbye, through feelings of satisfaction or relief, brings forth the rush of excitement for what the new year may hold – with daunted trepidation toward new beginnings roused by fears from the past.   New years are fresh and unwritten but negative forecasts lay a foundation of false defeat.   Drawing near to the end of 2015 I found myself dispirited and lethargic with life and