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I’m Not Okay and That’s Okay: My Postnatal Anxiety

Mental illness can happen to any one, any time – no one is immune.  Yet for some reason mental illness remains a stigma; often mocked and not taken seriously.  Women who have recently given birth are an at risk group vulnerable to post-natal depression, but lack of awareness and going undiagnosed and untreated means maternal mental health can suffer.   Pregnancy and parenthood is a hugely exciting time for any new mum.  You’ve waited nine long months anticipating

Katherine Hamilton Intimates: Louise Collection

Wearing functional maternity bras for months on end can be such a bore.  After what certainly felt like going on a year, I couldn’t wait to pack away the nursing bras and get back into regular underwear.   Following the birth I continued to wear my comfy bras but to my horror I found my regular bras no longer fit.  Childbirth may have been done and dusted but my pre-birth body was still around.  Now I surely needed more