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Bedroom Athletics Carly Slipper Boots

Relaxing at the end of a long day comes into its own when the nights begin to draw in.  In just a few weeks clocks will be turned back an hour and our homes plunged into darkness earlier – it’s time to hunker down and hibernate! Bedroom Athletics is one of my favourite brands for snuggly loungewear that’s cosy and on trend.  They’ve just released their Autumn range and I was keen to get my

Oroblu Push Up Shaping Leggings

Leggings play an integral part in my wardrobe – they’re a versatile style of legwear that, in my opinion, have unfairly earned a low grade reputation.  Leggings are great!  Like tights, but thicker and occasionally quite clever. The Push Up Leggings from Italian brand Oroblu‘s Shaper range demonstrates one of those rare encounters, when the conventional collides with science. This is another of my products gifted from UK Tights that I chose myself.  I’m used to wearing a basic cotton legging,

Cosy Hosiery | Falke Soft Merino & Cotton Tights

Now that we’re moving toward October, my outfits are taking a decidedly Autumnal feel.  Even throughout our abysmal Summer, leggings had become too much of a lazy staple in my wardrobe, and to be frank, I’m bored with them.  Tights are suddenly interesting again so I’ve been treating myself to some new warm hosiery.   When UKTights approached me recently it was really good timing, because it meant I had this fantastic opportunity to consider a range of brands I otherwise wouldn’t

Things Girls With Big Boobs CAN Do

Women with big boobs are constantly being told what we can’t do.  Not only is it frustrating to be put into a box and labelled, it isn’t socially responsible or fair when that judgement is plain wrong. How many times have you read this type of post: 15 Things Only Girls With Big Boobs Understand and 28 Things That People With Big Boobs Can’t Do?  These types of posts claim to allow busty women to come together

Fantasie Portofino Swimsuit & Competition

Swimwear tops the list of essentials when holiday packing.  Whether you intend to hit the beach or just hoping to relax beside the pool, you’re likely to need something water friendly.  A swimsuit, rather than a bikini, is the ideal choice for a little extra coverage, and a suit that looks as great as you feel is the perfect combination. The thought of stripping down and wearing something skimpy can be daunting, but you shouldn’t let that stop you

Snuggly Bear Loungewear by Bedroom Athletics

It’s Summer, they said.  Time to pack away your winter wardrobe, they said.  Yet here we are in the midst of June and the sun is performing a disappearing act.  I’m cold, I’m trying to find my jumpers again and I’m not happy about it. Okay, we’ve had the odd good day when the sun has really delivered, but so far, Summer just hasn’t really arrived.  I’m reluctant to put the heating on (just because

Bust Friendly Peplum Top by Bitter Lollipop

Clothes shopping for big boobs is a nightmare.  If your experience is anything like my own, it seems every dress or top I try on hasn’t considered that a pair of boobs will be taking up residence.  I end up having to size up just to get into something, but always end up with tons of excess space around the waist.  Sometimes it’s just easier to go for whatever’s stretchiest.  Hey, I may as well

Freya Deco Delight: The Loungewear

Shopping for lingerie can be a challenge, so finding sleepwear to fit a big bust is a task in its own right.  Who even knew you could buy pyjamas specially for big boobs?   For me, it’s always been one of those things to bear in mind whatever clothing I’ve gone on the look out for.  Outerwear or sleepwear, I’ve always got to make sure there’s enough boob room for comfort.  In bed I like my clothes to