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Managing Period Pain Without The Pill

I discuss periods occasionally on the blog because while menstruation is a ridiculously taboo subject to raise, it’s still a fact of life.  It may be a given that periods aren’t the most comfortable monthly experience, but it doesn’t mean you should be suffering. Ever since my first period I’ve had to deal with pain – tremendous pain.  And it was the kind of pain that was so bad I was put onto the Pill, and from then on I

Happy New Year | A Wish of New Hope & Optimism

Year ends have a way of throwing you into the emotional mixer.  The annual wave of goodbye, through feelings of satisfaction or relief, brings forth the rush of excitement for what the new year may hold – with daunted trepidation toward new beginnings roused by fears from the past.   New years are fresh and unwritten but negative forecasts lay a foundation of false defeat.   Drawing near to the end of 2015 I found myself dispirited and lethargic with life and

Inferiority-Popularity Complex | Blogger Problems

I wrote this piece about a month ago, that I later decided I wouldn’t post.  This is what I’m like: writing is my therapy.  I go through phases of emotions and big life questioning that I’ll get over and may or may not revisit.  I call it ‘life lethargy’. Depression and anxiety does this to me, but it doesn’t mean the feelings I’ve had at any moment in time are invalid.  So I’m sharing it. When I first started

I Want a Wedding For Christmas

Weddings are romantic, exciting and a good excuse for a party, but next to house moving, getting married is also high up there on the list of life’s most stressful events.  So really, deciding to put a wedding on the cards before Christmas would be quite ludicrous.  And that’s precisely what I’m going to try and do.   I’ve been engaged for 16 years but in none of that time have my fiancé and I ever sat down and set

My Grazia Loneliness Story: A Year On

A year ago I revealed myself to the world.  Sharing my most shaded secret with Grazia magazine, I confessed probably the biggest social taboo of today: I had no friends. Having struggled half my life with post traumatic stress following an assault at 16, I’d reached the point where my social anxieties had sectioned me to a friend-less life.  Had it not been for my fiance at my side, I would have had nobody, but even though we were

Yes, Miscarriage is Something We Should Talk About

Since the day we learned we lost our baby, it seems all we see is babies.  When you’ve gone from being a first time expectant parent to grieving the premature loss of your baby, you notice all the adverts with babies in, every single passing pushchair and crying babes in arms.  Kids are everywhere – your reminder of what you could have won. Recently Mark Zuckerberg spoke about his wife, Priscilla Chan’s, miscarriages, and vloggers Sam and Nia

Things Girls With Big Boobs CAN Do

Women with big boobs are constantly being told what we can’t do.  Not only is it frustrating to be put into a box and labelled, it isn’t socially responsible or fair when that judgement is plain wrong. How many times have you read this type of post: 15 Things Only Girls With Big Boobs Understand and 28 Things That People With Big Boobs Can’t Do?  These types of posts claim to allow busty women to come together

Bye Bye Baby | My Missed Miscarriage

I never imagined that the first time I’d see my first ever baby she wouldn’t be alive. Laying in a dimmed room, in the illumination of the monitor, I saw my baby, like a little sleeping hippo, cocooned in the safety of my belly.   But she was still.   Suspended in time, no heart beat from the motionless shape on the screen.  In a moment my life’s hopes and dreams had been snuffed out. Thinking I was 9