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Maternity Wear: The Water Birth Wardrobe

Preparing the birth plan for my fast approaching due date, I’ve decided a water birth sounds ideal for me.  I don’t cope with pain particularly well and have a long suffering history of painful periods and chronic pain, so all the positive stories I keep reading about water births encourage me to give this method a go.   Even though an epidural previously sounded the most obvious choice, I began to realise it wasn’t going to address all the

Ella and Me Pyjamas: Lavender & Lace

This week marks a new milestone in my pregnancy – I’m 28 weeks and officially into the 3rd trimester!  Although I’m struggling with pre-exisiting health conditions coming back to haunt me and pelvic pain forcing me onto crutches, I am lucky enough to be otherwise enjoying a healthy pregnancy, and bed rest isn’t all that bad.  Now it’s Winter I feel a little less guilty hibernating at home, and the extra pyjama time is currently one of

S’No Queen | S’No Flake in The Midnight Blue

Coming toward the colder weather I’ve wondered what I’d wear with having limited choices to dress my baby bump.  Since my tummy has really started to grow, I’ve not been able to wear some of my usual wardrobe, and I’ve had to buy maternity versions of leggings and tights.  And probably the biggest concern that came to my mind was how would I cope without my thermals?!   When it was Bonfire Night a few

Blackspade Noir Olivia: Polka Dot Dressing Gown

Lounging around in a dressing gown is probably up there on my list of favourite things to do;  chilling out on the sofa with my favourite pjs on, all wrapped up in a comfy robe – you can’t beat that simple luxury!  While a fleecy number is the typical cosy style I plump for, I do actually have a variety that meet various needs: toweling robes for the bathroom and silk and satin robes for

Heat Holders: Disney ‘Minnie Mouse’ Slipper Socks

The nights now drawing in, you can tell colder days are coming.  Bonfire Night is literally around the corner and then it’s all counting down to the big C.  Yep, Christmas shall be here sooner than you know and that means it’s time to start digging out and donning the cosy knits. I, for one, do not like the cold, and nothing appeals less to me than freezing feet.  I don’t think my OH much

Ella & Me Sleepwear : A Very British Lace Story

I love pyjamas.  I ought to feel somewhat guilty in admitting a day spent lounging in my jim-jams is a day well spent, but I don’t.  It may not qualify me as an expert in nightwear but I’m most definitely 100% fussy enough to know a good pyjama set from a bad one. Looks are everything, but a cute print means nothing if the cut isn’t right.  While a gorgeous pattern and the most delicate fabric

Cosy Christmas Pyjamas | The Nightwear Edit

Christmas is our ultimate holiday, and while the festivities are a luxuriated given, one of the best things of the season is inarguably the endless duvet day opportunities.  Wrapped beneath a blanket with a hot chocolate in hand, nothing quite beats the indulgence of a guilt-free chill out. Cosy, comfy pyjamas were just made for Christmas! A new pair of pyjamas makes many a Christmas Eve wish list.  With snuggle factor the highest priority, only the warmest, cosiest nightwear will suffice.  This is my pick of

S’No Queen Thermals | Hotting Up The Winter Chill

At this time of year, you don’t need to jet off to the slopes to feel the chill.  As we move toward the year end, temperatures are dropping and snow is already falling.  There’s no escaping: winter is coming.   To be fair, I dug my thermals out way before Bonfire Night.  I don’t do cold.  So when the wind’s blowing sub zero winds, I need all the help I can get.  And let me