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Parade to the Pool with Speedo Sculpture

Few of us can argue that we’re not that great with this body confidence thing.  The lifestyle most western women lead today compared to some decades ago are worlds apart; we work hard, play hard and birth the babies.  So why is it we’re still worrying about our bodies, comparing ourselves with the next woman and making us feel pretty crap about ourselves?  The fact is you can’t escape the human nature that we base

Boux Avenue Swimwear & 25% Discount

The beautiful sun is finally shining and the souring temperatures have had us reaching for our holiday clothes before we’ve even hit the beach.  If you’re like me, your thoughts have already turned to swimwear and possibly panicking about where you packed away last year’s bikinis.  If you’re a busty girl, the realisation of having to find cup sized bikini tops somewhere is the feeling of dread, especially ones that aren’t of the frumpy variety.

Swimwear for Spa Days

So, it’s decided (I decided) that Mr BB and myself are overdue a spa day.  I haven’t been to a spa for three years now and I’ve never been with the other half before, so to say we’re overdue it is an understatement.  I’m looking forward to swimming in the pool, chilling out in a jacuzzi and sweating it out in a sauna, and some treatments would be rather nice too, such as a massage

Goodbye Summer – Final 3 of 3 Swimwear

I’ve been meaning on completing my swimwear posts for what’s felt like ages and with autumn literally around the corner now (officially this weekend!), I decided it’s now or never!  Summer never really happened, did it?  I’d made it to the beach earlier on in the summer with the expectation of returning with the next sets of swimwear, but the weather decided to take a turn for the worst and never really returned.  So huge apologies

Swimwear – Part 2 – Speedo Sculpture

In the second part of my swimwear special I have some swimming costumes for both the beach and sport swimming.  A trendy bikini will suffice for catching a tan but if you’re venturing into the water and getting a bit active, you need something more substantial for the job. My first proper swimsuit was a Speedo back when I was a nipper at school learning to swim.  It’s a brand most of us will recognise

Swimwear Special!

We’re in the middle of summer and if you’ve not yet noticed, it’s holiday time!  Whether you’re going away overseas for your annual break or enjoying a stay-cation, chances are you’ll be hitting a beach or pool for the ultimate in relaxation.  If your trusty bathing suit is looking a little worse for wear it’s high time to invest in new swimwear that not only looks fashionable but flattering for your curves. Shopping for bigger