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Katherine Hamilton Intimates: Louise Collection

Wearing functional maternity bras for months on end can be such a bore.  After what certainly felt like going on a year, I couldn’t wait to pack away the nursing bras and get back into regular underwear.   Following the birth I continued to wear my comfy bras but to my horror I found my regular bras no longer fit.  Childbirth may have been done and dusted but my pre-birth body was still around.  Now I surely needed more

Playful Promises Mariela : A Full Bust Lust

‘Good things come to those who wait’ said someone once, and they were right.  Anticipate the release of an exciting new collection and it’ll feel a lifetime of agony, but when it’s launched the reward is sweet.  Few full bust lingerie lines offer enough to be genuinely thrilling and Playful Promises is one of those special gems.   Playful Promises‘ fuller bust DD-G range keeps managing to arouse attention amongst lingeristas.  With exotic details and sumptuous fabric oozing

Curvy Kate Portia: Pretty In Pink

If you took a look through my lingerie stash you’d probably be surprised by what I own.  ‘Basics’ in black, white and skin tone are considered the mainstay of any underwear collection, but a neutral colour palette just isn’t my cup of tea.  While some of my essentials are, out of necessity, pretty basic, I find colourful lingerie so much more fun.  Sounds kinda corny, but I feel like I’m wearing the essence of happiness when my bra’s an

Luxe Lace | Miss Mandalay ‘Amelie’

Luxury lingerie is a treat worthy of investment for when you want to feel your best wearing less.  Quality independent labels take pride in what they produce which means a fine garment worth treasuring and enjoying.  Here in Britain we have some of the best kept secrets in lingerie, and contemporary boutique brand Miss Mandalay is one of those treasures. Miss Mandalay have a strong fan base who adore the luxury aesthetic and sound fit

Shapely Sheer | Curvy Kate ‘Bardot’

Bras for large busts have come on leaps and bounds in recent years with brands, new and old, recognising the demand for gorgeous, young and sexy lingerie.  But, while there’s plenty choice on the market there’s still a certain style that many brands struggle to produce: the super sheer soft cup. There are obvious obstacles replicating the styles often designed for smaller sizes since big boobs need substantial support, and thin fabrics by their nature can

Roses for my Valentine | Freya Deco Darling

The dedicated day of love returns in less than a month for its annual excuse to gush gestures of admiration – and spend lots on our significant other or fancy thing.  Yep, it’s Valentine’s Day! Nothing says Valentine’s like lingerie and roses, so how about winning at tradition and imagination by gifting Freya‘s fabulous Deco Darling lingerie set.  Adorned with lush roses and complete with a sensual suspender belt for that added ooh la la, Deco Darling is all

Red Hot Lingerie Part 2: Freya Ooh La La

  Red lingerie is considered one of the hottest outfits in your wardrobe.  From cherry to berry, red in all its hues can be an exhilarating choice of underwear beneath Winter’s layers. Continuing my look at red lingerie which last saw me reviewing a Kris Line set, this post is an altogether different look.  The Freya Ooh La La collection in the new ‘flame’ colourway is vibrant and playful featuring a neon embroidered diamond and

Gossard VIP : Be Tempted By Temptation

  It may be the season of mists but your lingerie doesn’t have to be as dank as the weather.  Dark florals are hugely trending in fashion, with evocative deep colours and striking botanical prints being the focal point of Autumn’s newest lingerie. Gossard‘s opulent Autumn Winter collections kick off with the electric VIP range, Temptation.  With a nod toward the vintage eras when lingerie trained the illustrious hour glass figure, the Temptation collection boasts two styles of