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Katherine Hamilton Intimates: Louise Collection

Wearing functional maternity bras for months on end can be such a bore.  After what certainly felt like going on a year, I couldn’t wait to pack away the nursing bras and get back into regular underwear.   Following the birth I continued to wear my comfy bras but to my horror I found my regular bras no longer fit.  Childbirth may have been done and dusted but my pre-birth body was still around.  Now I surely needed more

Wonderfully Wire-Free: Royce Charlotte Comfort Bra

I’m continually amazed by how breast change in pregnancy falls in line with bump development.  It took me until the start of the 2nd trimester for my tummy to really start growing, by which time my bras also started to feel less comfortable.  While it didn’t really look like my boobs were any bigger, my abdomen was, which meant I was outgrowing my small banded bras as fast as my leggings.  Time for a new bra –

Exploring Sleep Bras with Royce Lingerie Blossom

I’ve never been one for wearing a bra to bed.  I’m a pyjama gal who likes my comfort and that typically comes care-free and braless.  Whether you’re busty or less so, if you’re just chilling out around the house or sleeping, it’s pretty liberating to ditch the bra off duty. Having said that, lately I’ve found myself pondering the idea of a sleep bra.  With a heavy bust that has a tendency to head east-west under the covers, I’m finding settling to

Rosa Faia By Anita Lingerie: Aurelia

The name Aurelia reminds me of the Portuguese girl in Love Actually; the warm, full of heart and a little bit ditsy housekeeper/love interest to Colin Firth’s character.  So, it’s not such a bad name for a bra that epitomises the same strong, loveable character. Aurelia, a collection from Anita Lingerie’s sub brand, Rosa Faia, is unlike most lingerie I’ve tried.  I tend to reach for colour and trend led design.  Aurelia doesn’t scream vibrancy or youthfulness; it’s

Curvy Kate Luxe: The Full Bust Strapless

Functional underwear isn’t particularly exciting.  It exists to serve a purpose – problem solve and correct – and for that reason it isn’t usually the most thrilling of under garments.  But it does have to do the job right, so we actually have higher expectations of solution lingerie to perform in the ways we demand.  If you’re full busted you’ll be well versed in the trials and tribulations of the strapless bra.  In fact, finding a really good strapless

Ultimo DD-G Fuller Bust Plunge Bra

  Ultimo were once a lingerie brand exclusively for sub DD wearers, but not anymore. Last month they officially stepped into the large bust territory, launching their DD-G Fuller Bust range. I’ve always seen Ultimo as being a sexy brand; lingerie for a special night out for when you want something sculpting and defining.  Uplifting bras feigning increased boob size and exaggerated cleavage. Being a G+ wearer myself I know it isn’t every busty woman’s dream to minimise and hide

Review – Leia Lingerie Store, York & Freya

I finally went down to check out Leia Lingerie‘s only store in the North, right in the heart of York.  Having reviewed bras sent to me courtesy of Leia head office, I was really keen to look into the Leia experience from the consumer point of view.  After all, buying online is all very well but how does it compare to proper instore interaction where you look for professional advice, was a question I wanted

Bra Review – Freya Patsy

Thanks to Lingerie Heaven, this week I received Freya‘s new AW12 Patsy balcony bra in the black and gold colourway.  Last season saw the first Patsy when it was released in the lime green and as much as I was really attracted to the design I didn’t get around to trying the bra out.  So I’m extremely thankful and excited to have this opportunity to see Patsy for real! Front of Patsy Back of Patsy