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Maison Close Music Hall : A Boudoir Body

If you’re fuller busted you’ll know shopping for lingerie can be a real struggle.  Nothing ever seems to come in sizes to fit big boobs and chances of something a little bit sexy are slim.  When lingerie isn’t cup specific it can sometimes prove all the harder.  What if you didn’t want to be limited by your chest size?  What if you actually wanted to wear those sheer, whimsical pieces just for the joy of it? Much of

Wonderbra Glam Part Two: The Cleavage

When the Wonderbra Glam was released it took the iconic lingerie label into boudoir territory.  Boasting a more luxurious aesthetic with a vintage feel, the Glam’s sumptuous design offered a new take on sexy femininity. This month I had the opportunity to take a closer look at Wonderbra’s Glam range; firstly the balconette bra, and now the latest style: Glam Cleavage, which I’m going to compare with the former. Moving away from the balcony shape, Glam Cleavage takes on the best

Gossard Radiance: The VIP Swarovski Range

When was the last time you bought lingerie just because it looked good?  Buying based on looks is something we do all the time – aesthetics is everything – but sometimes the sexiest bra is blown out of the water by something more beautiful, more extravagant.   Most often set aside for a rare special occasion, this type of lingerie is more decadent, and oh, how fantastic it makes you feel! Gossard‘s VIP line is

Why AW15 Will Be THE Full Bust Season

The full bust scene is buzzing right now.  It may still be Summer but we’re fast approaching the second big season of the lingerie industry calendar, and with AW15 around the corner there’s more than Autumnal colours heading our way.   You have my word, next season is about to get a whole lot hotter! Scantilly Curvy Kate’s sexier sister finally comes to town and she’s got kink in her vocabulary!  Scantilly addresses the desires of

Maison Close ‘Hotel Diva’ Teddy

Growing into my pregnancy body is proving a challenge already; bras aren’t fitting as they did a week before, and everything feels a bit… tight.  Even though my body’s changing and getting bigger for an amazing reason, it doesn’t mean I don’t sometimes feel a bit frumpy.  Feeling shabby about yourself at an important time of your life is just not right, so wearing clothing – and indeed lingerie – that makes you feel extra special is top of

Are Large Cups Losing Out to Sexy Smalls?

The full bust market today is a far cry from the era when big bras meant granny chic.  Its easy to forget how far we’ve come; from specialist catalogues with their limited sizes where full cups meant large bands too, D+ lingerie is now commonplace in the supermarket as it is in many high street stores.  We’re living in the day where full bust bras are finally recognised as the norm. Though there’s an abundance of youthful, modern

Roses for my Valentine | Freya Deco Darling

The dedicated day of love returns in less than a month for its annual excuse to gush gestures of admiration – and spend lots on our significant other or fancy thing.  Yep, it’s Valentine’s Day! Nothing says Valentine’s like lingerie and roses, so how about winning at tradition and imagination by gifting Freya‘s fabulous Deco Darling lingerie set.  Adorned with lush roses and complete with a sensual suspender belt for that added ooh la la, Deco Darling is all

Bridal Lingerie Review | Masquerade Serenity

Late Spring with it’s blooms in full blossom and new life awakening means an abundance of weddings. Even singer Rachel Fabri from my favourite classical cross-over group, All Angels, married this weekend, looking every inch the ethereal goddess.  Spring really is the most beautiful time to get married! Luxury and decadence goes hand in hand with the perfect wedding ideal, and is as traditional as wearing virginal white.  Whilst these days weddings are less restrictive with