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Freya Fancies Bralette: Full Bust and Fancy Free

Bralettes have surged in popularity in recent times and it’s interesting to wonder why.  With fashion magazines declaring that cleavage is dead, could it mean that no one cares for the push up and plunge effect anymore?  Perhaps it’s the eradication of confining under-wiring that’s becoming more acceptable, or maybe it’s just we want to feel comfortable and wear what the heck we like?   Whatever the reason for the current interest, there’s no denying bralettes are the most delicate and prettiest pieces

Boudoir Lingerie – ‘Danielle’ by Parfait

Lingerie falls into two categories, broadly speaking, in my opinion: there’s your everyday bras and knickers that are comfy and practical (your uncomplicated ‘underwear’) and then there’s the more superior pieces that earn being called lingerie.  The latter is the desired; the fabrics that make you feel great as much as they look fabulous.  They make us feel that bit more special and they cheer us up just knowing what we’ve got hidden underneath.  We