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High Waist Briefs: Kinky Knickers Norma Jeane

I know many of you love a high waist brief.  The retro aesthetic and comfort fit can be hard to resist, and I must admit, right now I’m all about big knickers.  Although normally I tend to prefer a lower cut brief, especially a high leg or shortie, pregnancy has certainly changed it for me.  I’m not ashamed to say I’m much preferring a big pair of pants as my bump grows, simply because they’re down right comfy.   So you

Boudoir Treats | The House of Seduction

Lingerie serves many purposes in my life: a lot of the time it’s simply a quest for comfy and well fitting underwear; a curvy figure of fuller boobs and a bum isn’t the easiest to dress in this domain.  So when it boils down to the sex factor, I’m not particularly fussy about proper bra fit – sorry! – but when I want gorgeous, thrilling lingerie I certainly aren’t bothered about baring too much flesh.

Lingerie Review | Wonderbra One & Only Chic Lace

When I first started wearing bras as a teenager I remember a few of the girls at school wore Wonderbra, and I longed for the day I could have my own.  Looking back now, I don’t think it was at all appropriate for 14 year old girls to be wearing provocative underwear, but all you think at the time is about being grown up and wearing what you think ‘proper’ women wear. Wonderbra is so much