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Cake Sugar Candy: The Fuller Bust Comfort Bras

If you’re still hunting for the perfect comfort bra, today you can call off the search.  Whether you’re after a nursing bra, sleep bra or just a really comfy wire-free bra for everyday wear,  I swear I have finally found the holy grail of comfort bras that’s actually full bust friendly too.   When Cake Maternity first made known they were introducing the fuller bust Sugar Candy bra I couldn’t contain my excitement.  I’ve long been attracted

Cake Maternity ‘Croissant’ Nursing Bra

Now my regular lingerie is well and truly put to bed, my quest for the most amazing maternity bra remains at large.  I can count on one hand my new found favourites but a couple of bras aren’t going to see me through my entire pregnancy – and they’re most likely not going to fit forever.  So as my bust grows, so must my maternity wardrobe. In 2016 we’re actually pretty lucky to have the choice that

Cake Lingerie | Maternity Macaroon

When I think of maternity lingerie, my thoughts immediately picture dowdy mail order catalogues boasting industrial size nursing bras in chintzy cotton.  I think that’s the part of motherhood that brings me out in a cold sweat, the idea that once your pregnant, that’s it, all the feminine – sexual – side of you is evaporated in the instant you don a frumpy Auntie Fanny bra.   I’m 32 this year and more than well