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Maternity Wear: The Water Birth Wardrobe

Preparing the birth plan for my fast approaching due date, I’ve decided a water birth sounds ideal for me.  I don’t cope with pain particularly well and have a long suffering history of painful periods and chronic pain, so all the positive stories I keep reading about water births encourage me to give this method a go.   Even though an epidural previously sounded the most obvious choice, I began to realise it wasn’t going to address all the

Bust Friendly Peplum Top by Bitter Lollipop

Clothes shopping for big boobs is a nightmare.  If your experience is anything like my own, it seems every dress or top I try on hasn’t considered that a pair of boobs will be taking up residence.  I end up having to size up just to get into something, but always end up with tons of excess space around the waist.  Sometimes it’s just easier to go for whatever’s stretchiest.  Hey, I may as well

Late Spring Lust List

This month I find myself craving a new array of gorgeous wardrobe boosters!  The transition of Spring into Summer can be tricky, but it’s really the perfect time to inject a bit of frivolous fun into your outfits.   A fluoro bright statement piece worn with casual neutral tones looks effortlessly chic, and fruity shades come into their own whether it rains or shines. This is my late Spring lust list – a capsule compilation of bright

Fur and Fluff | Wear The Trend Cruelty Free

Since the clocks rolled back an hour Autumn has made its entrance known.  It’s been wet, extremely windy, and a little on the nippy side.  Autumn is a lovely time of year too though.  It’s the first episode of cold weather and the thought of snuggling down inside new season scarves and jumpers is a very appealing one! Wool and fur are considered some of the most superior fabrics but because they come from animals they’re a dubious choice

Britfash | British Design Under One Roof

As fun as fashion shopping is, it can also be an insane minefield.  With so many well known retailers and design houses to shop, knowing where to look for quality clothes and accessories whilst supporting homegrown talent becomes an exasperating task.  It seems whilst there is an abundant choice of trend led fashion on the high street, finding something unique is quite another ask. Online marketplace, Britfash, came about to serve this precise need: fulfilling the shopper’s desire for British design whilst