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Managing Labour Pain With Babycare Elle TENS

Pain control is one of the biggest concerns of any birth plan.  This was most certainly true for me, when throughout my own pregnancy I had this huge fear of not being able to cope with the overwhelming pain of childbirth.  My extreme period pain experience, which I used to imagine was like labour, managed to influence me so acutely it put me off having kids for years, and yet here I was approaching the very moment I’d most

Strepelle: The Home To Lab Group B Strep Test

Group B Strep is currently a hot topic in the pregnancy world.  Earlier this month I wrote about the issue of this bacterium causing much chaos to the expectant mum, and I touched on the new test kits that have just come to market.  With the NHS not routinely screening pregnancies for the presence of Group B Strep – that’s harmless to the average person but can be fatal to babies – the do-it-yourself home to lab kits look

Group B Strep And The Strepelle DIY Test Kit

If pregnancy doesn’t come with enough reasons to worry the whole nine months long, it turns out there’s another one to add to the list.  Your midwife has probably never mentioned it, the NHS doesn’t routinely test you for it, but it’s one of the most serious infections to threaten the life of newborn babies.  So what is it and why, if it’s so serious, is nobody doing anything about it? EDITED: 10th February, 2017 What Is

Managing Period Pain Without The Pill

I discuss periods occasionally on the blog because while menstruation is a ridiculously taboo subject to raise, it’s still a fact of life.  It may be a given that periods aren’t the most comfortable monthly experience, but it doesn’t mean you should be suffering. Ever since my first period I’ve had to deal with pain – tremendous pain.  And it was the kind of pain that was so bad I was put onto the Pill, and from then on I

Yes, Miscarriage is Something We Should Talk About

Since the day we learned we lost our baby, it seems all we see is babies.  When you’ve gone from being a first time expectant parent to grieving the premature loss of your baby, you notice all the adverts with babies in, every single passing pushchair and crying babes in arms.  Kids are everywhere – your reminder of what you could have won. Recently Mark Zuckerberg spoke about his wife, Priscilla Chan’s, miscarriages, and vloggers Sam and Nia

Rabbit Awareness Week | House Rabbits Rock

It’s Rabbit Awareness Week!  The official week for spamming your friends and family with proper bunny cuteness.  (Now that’s a party I can back!) My rabbits play a huge part in my life.  In fact, I see them as members of the family, who I love hanging out with on the sofa and chatting to while watching tv. My rabbits are house bunnies so we see each other throughout the day. They have their own areas

IBS: It’s Not a Load of Crap

If I were to be judged by my Instagram, my life is all rabbits and lingerie.  While that is vastly true, it’s only the aesthetically pleasing side to my life.  But, real life isn’t neatly packaged and trimmed with a bow, and we’re all a little guilty of living through enhanced filters. April is IBS Awareness Month, and as the title suggests, I have IBS. First diagnosed at 16, my condition’s journey has taken me on a

Warm up This Raynaud’s Awareness Month

It’s just about the end of Winter yet we’re still bracing relatively arctic conditions.  With an icy chill in the air and snow threatening to fall at every moment, it’s apt that February has been Raynaud’s Awareness Month. I’ve often spoken about my personal Raynaud’s experience and how it affects me: walking on numb soles, trying to make use of stiff fingers (even indoors) and crying in acute pain from within my bra.  Without any exaggeration, Raynaud’s is