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Your Time to Shine As a Star in a Bra

  Curvy Kate has this week freshly launched it’s Star in a Bra competition in a bid to bag the next curvy D+ model.  If you’ve got it, flaunt it!  But, is your daily struggle with body confidence stopping you from your modelling dreams? Self confidence is fantastically magical when you feel great.  Looking at your reflection in the mirror, you like what you see.  Today you look good.  Today’s going to be a fab day. But come

Madame Supertrash Luxe Lingerie | Lace Cami

Madame Supertrash made great waves at the UK Lingerie Awards, achieving finalist recognition in both the Boudoir Lingerie brand category and New Designer of the Year.  The success of 2013 may have been only the beginning of the luxe lingerie label but with a designer pedigree behind it, Supertrash’s baby, Madame Supertrash had already staked it’s claim within the attainable luxury bracket. With bra sizes European 70-85 (UK 32-38) A-E Madame Supertrash marginally broaches the D+ market.  Whilst

Poppies on Canvas

I have photos of myself taken often, through my modelling or here for the blog, it’s just something that’s natural to me.  I upload photos all the time to update my facebook page and online portfolios, and the odd time I’ll print an image up to go in my portfolio book.  What I don’t do, however, is frame photos of myself and adorn the walls of every room in my house with images of my face.

Bridal Lingerie Review | Masquerade Serenity

Late Spring with it’s blooms in full blossom and new life awakening means an abundance of weddings. Even singer Rachel Fabri from my favourite classical cross-over group, All Angels, married this weekend, looking every inch the ethereal goddess.  Spring really is the most beautiful time to get married! Luxury and decadence goes hand in hand with the perfect wedding ideal, and is as traditional as wearing virginal white.  Whilst these days weddings are less restrictive with

Illicit Lingerie | Maison Close: Rue Des Demoiselles

Erotic lingerie is a niche easily wronged.  For tasteful bedroom lingerie you’ve always had to invest in the more upscale brand whose boutique prices can be unimaginably hard to justify for a barely there garment.  There was never so much a mid ground, which is where Maison Close stepped right in to claim the position of well designed boudoir lingerie at a more affordable price. I’ve long loved French lingerie brand Maison Close for it’s magnetising collections.  At the back

Photo Shoot | Castle Boudoir

Planning a photo shoot takes time, especially when there’s a variety of talent and contributors involved.  I hadn’t expected this shoot to take quite so long, going back several months to it’s initial conception, but when the day finally came to fruition yesterday, everything just fell into place.  Well, almost everything. The shoot of epic proportion started back in Autumn when the UK Lingerie Awards announced the finalists.  The “Boudoir Lingerie Brand of the Year”

Garter Girl Modelling at Hepburn & Leigh

The anticipation was finally relieved today when I came online to discover some of my images from the Garter Girl shoot were back.  Hepburn & Leigh had shared a couple of the images and I honestly had to second glance as I was scrolling down the page as I just didn’t recognise myself!  This is one of the truth’s of modelling: you’re never as hot as your portfolio.  Oh I’m being hard on myself.  These

Hepburn & Leigh ‘Garter Girl’ Photo Shoot

Image: Hepburn & Leigh I was taken aback when I found out I was to be a Garter Girl.  Last summer, the online boutique Hepburn & Leigh ran a competition to find models for their website, and it was coming into Autumn when I was informed I’d won.  I’ve been modelling for the past four years but it didn’t make my excitement any less profound.  To be the face of a lingerie brand is nothing short of a