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10 Reasons Why I Miss Being Pregnant

When I first became pregnant I couldn’t wait to grow a bump.  Giving birth to a real baby was a far off destination and I was worry-free and excited for the future.  But it seemed that once the journey got into full swing, pregnancy started to lose its candyfloss appeal; I found it hard going with nausea and struggled with pain.  Toward the end I was finished, ready to meet my baby and regain the

Group B Strep And The Strepelle DIY Test Kit

If pregnancy doesn’t come with enough reasons to worry the whole nine months long, it turns out there’s another one to add to the list.  Your midwife has probably never mentioned it, the NHS doesn’t routinely test you for it, but it’s one of the most serious infections to threaten the life of newborn babies.  So what is it and why, if it’s so serious, is nobody doing anything about it? EDITED: 10th February, 2017 What Is

The Maternity Bra: The Pregnancy Purchase Your Boobs Will Thank You For

Pregnancy changes things, your breasts being one (or two) of them.  While everything’s focussed on the little life inside you, there’s just as much going on in the bra department.  In fact, even before your bump has begun surfacing, most likely your boobs are already looking different, and all the changes mean one thing: you need a new bra.   A pregnant woman’s breasts take on a mind of their own, as developing ducts and swelling of volume brings

Inferiority-Popularity Complex | Blogger Problems

I wrote this piece about a month ago, that I later decided I wouldn’t post.  This is what I’m like: writing is my therapy.  I go through phases of emotions and big life questioning that I’ll get over and may or may not revisit.  I call it ‘life lethargy’. Depression and anxiety does this to me, but it doesn’t mean the feelings I’ve had at any moment in time are invalid.  So I’m sharing it. When I first started

The Full Bust Market : Is It Big Enough?

In recent times, the full bust market has really come into its own.  Big bra shopping is no longer the realm of the specialist mail order company and it’s pretty normal to pick up a G cup with your grocery shop.  But while buying lingerie for the larger bust is more accessible, is it the best achievable for 2015? Women are increasingly more bra savvy thanks to the media obsession with the ‘real woman’.  Our body shapes don’t fall into tidy brackets; we have fuller figures

Are Large Cups Losing Out to Sexy Smalls?

The full bust market today is a far cry from the era when big bras meant granny chic.  Its easy to forget how far we’ve come; from specialist catalogues with their limited sizes where full cups meant large bands too, D+ lingerie is now commonplace in the supermarket as it is in many high street stores.  We’re living in the day where full bust bras are finally recognised as the norm. Though there’s an abundance of youthful, modern

Review: Pink Parcel for Your Period

Monthly subscription boxes are incredibly popular, and with many types now on the market catering for beauty lovers to craft enthusiasts, it’s for very good reason.   Not least are subscription boxes an affordable way to try otherwise premium products, they’re a fab way to discover new brands and experiment with new tools and crazes.  But probably the biggest reason for their success is the exciting anticipation of the arrival of the box each month, and the

Why Your New Year Resolutions Aren’t The Healthiest of To-Do Lists

When January comes around it’s a renewing feeling that everything starts afresh with the new year.  With its bracing mid Winter winds blowing the cobwebs and glitter away from the end of year festivities, it couldn’t come sooner. As satisfying as it is – snuggling down in blankets armed with chocolate, with the dark nights and bitter weather being the only excuse for our hibernating – the thought of fighting the fatigue and adopting a more positive lifestyle