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Managing Period Pain Without The Pill

I discuss periods occasionally on the blog because while menstruation is a ridiculously taboo subject to raise, it’s still a fact of life.  It may be a given that periods aren’t the most comfortable monthly experience, but it doesn’t mean you should be suffering. Ever since my first period I’ve had to deal with pain – tremendous pain.  And it was the kind of pain that was so bad I was put onto the Pill, and from then on I

Zoely: The Wonder Pill?

I’ve been on ‘the pill’ for a heck of a long time.  And, unlike most people’s reasons for taking a contraceptive prescription, mine was for sanity: I had demon periods. For years I dreaded my period that more resembled giving birth; two days every month spent in agonising labour-like pain doubled over on my bedroom floor.  As a teen, my beastly period disrupted my school-life and had me removed mid GCSE history exam.  So, when my gp suggested the pill, I

Diary Doll Period Pants

Oh how PMS gets me down… (yes, this really is me!)Image: Chris Rout Periods are evil.  I blame Eve, if it hadn’t been for her I wouldn’t be expressing my absolute loathing of what can only be described as woman’s monthly punishment.  I wouldn’t mind so much if it didn’t mean your entire world turned itself inside out for two weeks out of the four.  Mood swings, back ache, bloating, period pain… womankind really does