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Katherine Hamilton Intimates: Louise Collection

Wearing functional maternity bras for months on end can be such a bore.  After what certainly felt like going on a year, I couldn’t wait to pack away the nursing bras and get back into regular underwear.   Following the birth I continued to wear my comfy bras but to my horror I found my regular bras no longer fit.  Childbirth may have been done and dusted but my pre-birth body was still around.  Now I surely needed more

Panache Black Eclipse : Sophistication Reborn

When whispers surfaced of an impending Panache brand disappearance I wasn’t the only one shocked by the news that Masquerade was to be no more.  As a solid fan of the label’s refined, exotic designs, I was sincerely gutted to lose such an affable brand. I needn’t have worried though.  Masquerade’s quality ethos has been re-birthed into the premium Panache Black.  On learning this fantastic news I was especially keen to check out the new collections. Eclipse is