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Maison Close Music Hall : A Boudoir Body

If you’re fuller busted you’ll know shopping for lingerie can be a real struggle.  Nothing ever seems to come in sizes to fit big boobs and chances of something a little bit sexy are slim.  When lingerie isn’t cup specific it can sometimes prove all the harder.  What if you didn’t want to be limited by your chest size?  What if you actually wanted to wear those sheer, whimsical pieces just for the joy of it? Much of

Cleo Della For Feisty Fuller Busts

I’m loving what the lingerie industry is offering the fuller bust consumer these days but I can happily admit that it’s an area guilty of pigeon holing.  Heaps of ‘grown up’ looking lingerie can feel overwhelming, and frankly, boring.  Whoever said a larger busted gal can’t have the same fun that’s too often reserved for the sub Ds? So when a brand brings out a design that is everything a twee bra isn’t, I love it!  Cleo by Panache are

Bridal Lingerie & Loungewear | My Wish List

Wedding planning has found me in a place of lace trimmed lust.  With so many exquisite dresses, gorgeous headdresses and decadent lingerie, I could easily spend squillions on the most perfect and visually delectable outfit for my big day.  When your wedding is a once in a lifetime event, you can’t help but pull out all the stops. I’ve fallen for so much bridal beauty lately, it’s proving quite a task making any authoritative decisions!  I’m

I’m At a Place Called Vertigo | Maison Close ‘Doux Vertige’ Collection

Lingerie is an exciting world because its existence serves more than practical purpose.  See it as merely underwear and you’ll only experience the tip of a beautiful, exotic iceberg that has the ability to take you places beyond the daily grind. Maison Close is one of my favourite brands for beautifully designed lingerie that is sensual, provocative and visually attractive.  The brand’s French heritage inspires an alluring mix of feminine chic with soft erotica, creating a stunning aesthetic

Why AW15 Will Be THE Full Bust Season

The full bust scene is buzzing right now.  It may still be Summer but we’re fast approaching the second big season of the lingerie industry calendar, and with AW15 around the corner there’s more than Autumnal colours heading our way.   You have my word, next season is about to get a whole lot hotter! Scantilly Curvy Kate’s sexier sister finally comes to town and she’s got kink in her vocabulary!  Scantilly addresses the desires of

Shapely Sheer | Curvy Kate ‘Bardot’

Bras for large busts have come on leaps and bounds in recent years with brands, new and old, recognising the demand for gorgeous, young and sexy lingerie.  But, while there’s plenty choice on the market there’s still a certain style that many brands struggle to produce: the super sheer soft cup. There are obvious obstacles replicating the styles often designed for smaller sizes since big boobs need substantial support, and thin fabrics by their nature can

Dear Santa, I’m on the Naughty List

It’s Christmas Eve and all thoughts are on the delights Father Christmas will bring in the night.   But forget the usual fare in Santa’s sack, because this year you sent the sauciest Christmas list up the chimney, enough to make Santa blush.  A self centred list full of devilishly delightful, completely sensual and a little bit naughty lingerie. Often the most exquisite underwear comes from independent talent, and a beauty I have wanted to bring to the

Red Hot Lingerie Part 2: Freya Ooh La La

  Red lingerie is considered one of the hottest outfits in your wardrobe.  From cherry to berry, red in all its hues can be an exhilarating choice of underwear beneath Winter’s layers. Continuing my look at red lingerie which last saw me reviewing a Kris Line set, this post is an altogether different look.  The Freya Ooh La La collection in the new ‘flame’ colourway is vibrant and playful featuring a neon embroidered diamond and