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Cake Sugar Candy: The Fuller Bust Comfort Bras

If you’re still hunting for the perfect comfort bra, today you can call off the search.  Whether you’re after a nursing bra, sleep bra or just a really comfy wire-free bra for everyday wear,  I swear I have finally found the holy grail of comfort bras that’s actually full bust friendly too.   When Cake Maternity first made known they were introducing the fuller bust Sugar Candy bra I couldn’t contain my excitement.  I’ve long been attracted

Cake Maternity ‘Apricot Sorbet’ Plus Size Bra

My maternity journey is proving to be the most transformative season of my life, right after puberty.  If not only for the scarily impending responsibility motherhood will soon heap onto my shoulders, but the constant daily change I’m seeing in my body as I head toward that goal.  Before pregnancy, I would never have understood the supernatural feeling of a growing tummy containing a strange, kicking being inside, and all the erratic hormones and aches and pains would have remained

The Wireless Revolution

The humble bra has come a long way since the early twentieth century, when sizes were as limited as the fabric was restrictive.  Thankfully these days we have over a hundred sizes at our disposable and ample choice in the bra style department.  But, for the entire life of the bra there’s always been two categorical choices: underwired or soft cup. In the last couple of years a quiet revolution has been brewing, bringing to a head the new bra