WIN a Wonderbra with National Cleavage Day

There’s something inimitable about Wonderbra that’s proven the test of time.  Generations can share stories of a personal Wonderbra experience; parents saw the introduction of the first push up bra and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on the mother of all sexy bras in our teens.  The ‘Hello Boys’ tag line that had us all gawking at the monochrome Eva Herzigova image of the 90s is still true to the word today – that Wonderbra are the kings of cleavage!

In 2002 Wonderbra decided to turn our obsession for and love of cleavage into a day worth celebrating by introducing National Cleavage Day: a lighthearted holiday which celebrates every woman, irrelevant of chest size and regardless whether you like minimal cleavage or fully embrace it.

I’m honoured to have been asked by Wonderbra to represent National Cleavage Day as an official ambassador this year and I’m bringing you the chance win some lovely lingerie!

I’ve worn some stunning Wonderbras over the years.  There’s one thing that Wonderbra never fail on – aside from delivering an awesome cleavage – and that’s the consistently on trend and gorgeous designs.
My current favourite collection is without a doubt the limited edition One & Only bra with it’s funky fetish inspired satin trim detail.
So, personally selected by yours truly, you have the chance to WIN this stunning Wonderbra for yourself!  All you have to do to enter is complete the simple tasks in the rafflecopter below.
Sizes from a 32-38 A-G (padding up to a D cup, 30 backs DD-G).
*As the ‘One & Only’ Bra is a limited edition style, you may receive an alternative style or colour subject to stock levels.
Terms and Conditions apply (see Rafflecopter).

Becky x

33 Responses to WIN a Wonderbra with National Cleavage Day

  1. Bárbara says:

    What I love the most in Wonderbra is, obviously, the cleavage it gives while still being very supportive!

  2. Bárbara says:

    oh, and I’m a follower through GFC. Name Bárbara.

  3. Ameri says:

    I’ve never tried a Wonderbra to be honest, but I love the way their bras look and the great cleavage they give!

  4. Amber says:

    I like the design and the plunge style!

  5. What day is Cleavage Day?

  6. Well, to protect the day (so no other brand jumps on it, as it’s Wonderbra’s day) I’m not supposed to disclose the actual date. I know, it is totally silly! It’s a week on Wednesday but shhh, I didn’t tell you! lol

    Becky x

  7. hayxsg says:

    what i love about i s wonderbra is they give you a reliable lift!

  8. hayxsg says:

    follow on GFC 🙂

  9. tamalyn says:

    i love the fact it gives my small bust a boost and helps me feel good about myself!

  10. tamalyn says:

    followed on GFC as tamalyn roberts x

  11. Ahh, so beautiful! Got to love putting them ‘out there’ sometimes! 😀 xx

  12. I follow on GFC as Fiona Jane Ross xx

  13. carsonsmummy says:

    Never bought a wonderbra… pricetag put me off. hoping to win one and be converted though.

  14. chris miles says:

    Its all about the Cleavage, Wonderbra has always got it.
    Follow on GFC as smiles

  15. Always wanted to see what a Wonderbra can do! 🙂

  16. Hannah. says:

    I love the ‘lift’ Wonderbra gives!


  17. Hannah. says:

    Also my GFC is hannah.

    Thank you 🙂 xxx

  18. Katherine says:

    I love that Wonderbra bras always fit me beautifully. They’re also a brand which is sexy without being unapproachable 🙂

  19. Katherine says:

    And my GFC name is Katherine Lawson :0)

  20. Englishian says:

    Definitely the added confidence, I’m quite small chested and need all the help I can get!


  21. Englishian says:

    P.S I follow you via GFC too! 🙂

  22. I love my Wonderbra.. Makes me feel so feminine !

  23. I love how amazing wonderbra make women feel- whether you are an A cup or a DD cup x

  24. reverie says:

    I’ve always been fascinated with Wonderbra. But the retailers where I live carries only a small range of sizes.

  25. Ria says:

    I love how Wonderbra makes you a little bit more comfortable with yourself, and that it makes you more confident as well.
    email:missdudetteblog at gmail dot com

  26. I love that Wonderbra embraces femininity and encourages women to take advantage of their assets rather than disguise them! xx xx

  27. Erica Price says:

    Cleavage with comfort.

  28. Erica Price says:

    Following on GFC Erica Price

  29. LuceeLoves says:

    I have never had a Wonderbra, so it would be interesting to try and compare!

  30. I love that whatever size you are, you still have the smmall clips at the back. I HATE when the back is 4 clips thick 🙁


  31. gfc as choux pastry hearts


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