What’s the blog all about?
Becky’s Boudoir is a women’s interest blog – lots of lingerie, with particular attention toward the fuller bust D+ market for the wearer of small bands.  You’ll also find fashion and the odd health post.

When did the blog start?
The blog was born in February 2011.  Originally located at BeckysBoudoir.Blogspot.com before migrating to self hosted BeckysBoudoir.com Spring 2014.

Who are you?
I’m Becky Connolly (nee Magson); a curvy Yorkshire 30-something with a soft spot for rabbits and guinea pigs!  Read my story in Grazia?  I’m now married!

Where are you based?
I live in the market town of Richmond, North Yorkshire, England.

What are your measurements and what sizes do you wear?
I have an hour glass figure with my stats typically: 39” x 30” x 42”. I wear a 30H bra mostly but depending on the brand I can also wear 30GG, 28H, 32G and 32H.  In clothing I’m a UK 14.

My pregnancy figure has temporarily changed my stats – currently wearing between a 32GG – 34H bra and dress size 14-16.

Do you ever sell what you review?
Occasionally.  Garments that don’t quite fit me I’m happy to sell on.

Do you attend press events or industry shows?
As I’m Northerly located I don’t often attend London based events, though I welcome invites and expenses paid events are considered.

Do you accept sponsorship?
Becky’s Boudoir is PR friendly and I’m happy to discuss sponsorship and advertising on the blog. I always welcome products to review in return for my honest opinion, link backs and coverage across my social media channels. I reserve the right to decline unsuitable relationships but feel free to enquire!