What’s the blog all about?

Becky’s Boudoir is a women’s lifestyle blog with a focus on motherhood, babies, health (including chronic pain, mental health), fashion and lingerie.

The blog was born in February 2011 – originally located at BeckysBoudoir.Blogspot.com before migrating to self hosted BeckysBoudoir.com Spring 2014.


Who am I?

I’m Becky Connolly, 30-something, married, Yorkshire lass with a soft spot for rabbits and guinea pigs.  Read my story in Grazia?  I’m now married with a young son!

I have some health conditions: fibromyalgia (a chronic pain condition), IBS, hypothyroidism and anxiety which is why you’ll see me write about my physical and mental health.


Where am I based?

I live in the market town of Richmond, North Yorkshire, England.


What are my measurements?

I have an hour glass figure with my stats typically: 40” x 31” x 42”.  I wear a 32H/34GG and a dress size UK 14.


Do I attend press events or industry shows?

We love to attend shows and industry press events so welcome invites for northern UK based events.


Do I accept sponsorship?

Becky’s Boudoir is PR friendly and I’m happy to discuss sponsorship and advertising on the blog. I always welcome products to review in return for my honest opinion, link backs and coverage across my social media channels.



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